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Non-EU Spouse Visa

Posted by Alex-Bishop-858273 - 1 year ago
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My wife (Israeli) and I (British) live in the Republic of Cyprus and recently married here. She initially was granted leave to remain in Cyprus with a Temporary Residence permit which expires soon, and we intend to apply for a Non-EU Spouse Visa as soon as possible. 

We want to avoid the administrative nightmare that we went through for the first visa - can any please provide any advice on the process? I have read both the official MOI website and independent legal websites which contradict each other, and are focused on new applicants (i.e. not those wanting to transfer from Temp residency to Spouse Visa). 
The form MEU2A states proof of relationship, marriage certificate, passport photos and 20Euros.

Thanks in advance.

(PS, if anyone wants advice on the former route then do ask)

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Posted by Grant-680347 - 1 year ago

You need a yellow slip for permanent residence. I got one for my wife from the Philippines. You need one and she needs another. Yours will be made while you wait but hers will take some weeks. We used an agent who helped us with this. He will help you or just give advice if you want on 99251658. Thanks.