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Payment for refuge

Posted by PPREMA - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by KBH-697185 - 8 years ago

I have to say I am very surprised by the comments here.

The correct procedure is that when a tenant commences occupancy you as landlord should go with them to the Water & Elec. and change the bills from your name into theirs. You collect your deposit and they pay theirs. This is the best safeguard going. If they then exceed the deposit and od not pay then the onus lies with the Water and Elec.

This is not an option for refuse as this is an annual bill payable on presentation.

The way your agents behaved is questionable to say the least.

Cinnamon. If you wish to sell your flat pelase contact me.

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Posted by paphos170 - 8 years ago

I have been lead to believe by the rental agency who found my new tennants that if there are un-paid bills left by tennants, you are not eligable to pay IF the bills are in the tennants name.

The same happened to me last year unfortunately and we did have to pay as the tennants did not change the bills into their name and left them in ours.

If the bills are in your tennants names, I would suggest that you go to the relevant places (electricity board, water board etc) with the contract and explain to them. Apparently, they put a note against the tennants names so that if they do ever try to open another account here, they will be eligable to pay the amount owing from your property too and you can simply pay the bills from the time that they left.

I have not done this myself, just what I have been told but it is worth a try. It's very distressing when people do this :(

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Posted by cinnamon-701332 - 8 years ago

i had to evict my tennants to they left me with unpaid electric,water,common expenses, and refuse bills and they trashed my flat i went to the police in limassol with all details and contract in hand which stated id numbers passport details and was told there was nothing they could do as the law protects them more I WAS DUMB FOUNDED ITS CRIMINAL DAMAGE . We wouldn't know where to find them etc . hense to say i have not paid any of their unpaid bills and my flat lies there empty trashed as i cant afford to fix the damage so if you come across anyone who can fix your troubles please point them in my direction

many thanks
mary x