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State Pensions in Cyprus

Posted by warwick-668573 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by zany-684605 - 8 years ago

I'm a lot younger than you so not expecting a pension for some time yet. I wanted to know what pension I would be entitled to and if I have paid enough Social Insurance Contributions and was told to write to the Pensions Officer and to give the letter in at the Social Insurance Office.

Good Luck!

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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

Maybe if you are not getting any where with Government officials, phone the Ombudsman (woman) department asking for help as a form of complaint, they should be able to give you the correct information 22 405500, or Citizens Advice 22 446686

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Posted by tonypp - 8 years ago

I will also add that the Cyprus pension pays a much higher rate than the UK. I have a full UK state penson . Compared with my friends 12 years Cyprus pension , the UK one is not good!!! My friends wife is about to get her penison. Again from both countries . Plus extra payments for her two children (Grown)plus a payment for her degree.

So if you can claim here, go for it. Have fun

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Posted by tonypp - 8 years ago

Interesting !!!!! My friend who worked in the uk for 18 years( he is a brit) Came to Cyprus and has paid 12 years national insurance here, he gets a very good payment from the Cyprus pensons scheme as well as his 18 years from the UK.

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Posted by bill&eva - 8 years ago

Just before my wife reached the age of 60 she rec'd a letter from the pensions people in Newcastle asking her for details of the time she worked in Cyprus so they could add the little bit from Cyprus to her UK pension.

Looks like she's made a huge mistake by not providing the info as she is expecting a pension from the Cyprus government as well as the UK one ~ Oh well she has always been to greedy for her own good


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Posted by tigger58 - 8 years ago

Hi Warwick
I'm just 60 female and trying to make a claim for my UK state pension as I also live and have worked in Cyprus. My first payment is due in March of 2011, according to a projection from UK works and pensions.VinnyC is quite right that you must claim from the country where you last worked. However if you call the UK international Pensions Service they will NOT guide you through it they just tell you to go to your local equivalent of their office in your country. Well I've tried and no-one so far has a clue in any of the local government offices which form should be issued or how to process the application. I have managed to get a form E207 from our local branch of SI but I'm not sure it is the correct one. Once again I have called the UK pensions people and they have proved to be less than helpful telling me 'don't worry about it, just fill it in and Cyprus will send us the form and we will sort it out at our end'.The problem is I am worried about it. It's a lot of money and I worked for 40 years and paid my Social Security in the UK so have earned it.
If anyone has any further info I would be very pleased to hear about it. I will also post any further info I myself get. :-)

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Posted by warwick-668573 - 9 years ago

Thanks for that information. It will be very useful.

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Posted by VinnyC-673555 - 9 years ago

hi Martin,

Rules have changed since Cyprus entered the EU, you only get one pension and you claim it through the EU country you last paid any contributions, in your case Cyprus.

The Cypriot social Insurance Service will contact the DHSS in the UK and they will tell them what your UK entitlement is, the Cypriot SIS will then add their contribution and this will make up your total pension.

I would suggest you write to the UK pensions department in Newcastle and they will guide you through the procedure.

Good Luck

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hi Warwick,

I think you need to contact Social Insurance Service, it's the Cypriot equivalant of the D.H.S.S in the UK, the number I have is - 22 40 16 00 - but that is from some old paperwork from a few years back, go to the Government website it will be listed there.