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Unemployment benefit in Cyprus

Posted by VP-705678 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by lynz412 - 9 years ago

Can someone please clarify my understanding of this document. I in theory would recieve 60% of my weekly wage, as my spouse is working, i would receive no extra, but i have 2 dependents ( under 5 ), so i would recieve an additional 1/6 of the 60% for each child?

i.e €200 a week wage = €120.00 ( 60% ) + €20.00 ( 1/6 for child 1 ) + €20.00 ( 1/6 for child 2 ) = €160.00 per week

Is this correct?

Also if you are made out of work, do you get your proportion of your 13th salary that you have accumulated?

I have worked for same company for over 2 years and have paid all my contributions.


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Posted by VP-705678 - 9 years ago

Thanks to you both for your help



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Posted by Mystic - 9 years ago

You do not have quite the right information. You can find the relevant information you need from the government website for Social Insurance. Download the pdf document, its in English.

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Posted by Palamino - 9 years ago

I was working 35 hrs a week from April 2007 till July 2009 and I got 75% of my wage, for six months only, I had to sign on monthly at the social office, you have to go to the labour office first then they give you a form to hand to the social office, the queue is normally about 30-40 people and takes around 15-30 minutes at each office every month. the payment then comes by cheque from Nicosia one a month ish! the first one take anything from 6 -12 weeks so others have told me, mine was 7 weeks.

I hope that helps somewhat!