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Utility bill costs?

Posted by Flump-668600 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Flump-668600 - 9 years ago

Hi Paphoschildminder

Many thanks for your reply and for being so positive. I am fully aware of the negative comments some have made and am quietly taking everything into account, good and bad, but at the end of the day, as long as we're sensible, plan as best we can and keep something back for emergencies, I'd rather regret what I have tried than what I never got round to doing but always wanted to!

Well done for getting your business going. That is one option we've looked into but think we're going to end up going the employed route as we have options open to us.

Any further info re my previous questions from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted by Paphoschildminder - 9 years ago

also I am home all day and look after 5 children, which if you are out at work all day you will not use as much electricity as me

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Posted by Paphoschildminder - 9 years ago

Hi flump, me and my boyfriend moved out here in june and I set up as a childminder and my little business took off within 2 months which was super :) my boyfriend also found a job in 1 month of us being here, we jumped into it as I lived here for 8 years I grew up here went to college met my boyfriend and decided to move over here on a trial basis and we couldn't be happier. Where as you have an advantage as you are planning ahead etc. Although I speak greek, my boyfriend doesn't and he found a job quite easily and he is on quite a good salary but he does work 6 days a week. I do get a little annoyed when people try to put pepole off coming here because of the jobs etc. My boyfriend couldn't get a job in england yet he found one here within just a couple of weeks of looking. so please don'e be put off by the negative comments.
In regards to bills up until this bill we just got the electric was 100 euros a month ~(we are very careful) we turn all plugs off etc.but this month it has gone up and it was 150, still not bad though for 2 months.
The water bills are anything between 50-70 euros every month but I could be more careful with the water but its very cheap as that is for 3 months. I live in a 4 bedroomed house.
Good luck