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water Board charges 30% extra if you are late paye

Posted by donnellap-661518 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by kazanddave - 8 years ago

There are also lots of foreign owned properties standing empty and the owners aren't there to pay these bills even if they are bills for the standing charge only.
This eventually forces rates higher and makes everyone else pay for the non payers.

The water board in Paphos now ask for a 220 euro deposit for new customers or people who are moving to another property because there are so many people leaving the island without settling their bills before they leave.

If you aren't here when the bills are due, pay by DD

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Posted by journo-666338 - 8 years ago

Most municipalities/local councils/utility providers impose a 25% surcharge on late bills. 'Proof of postage' is not so much an issue as 'proof of delivery'.

Unfortunately a number of complexes in Cyprus allocate a single point for mail delivery. Which means that, apart from any other vaguaries of the postal system, some tenants mistakenly pick up other letters with their own but, instead of putting them back in the box, just 'bin' them. Or they 'bin' old mail to make space for the new. Not defensible, but the reality.

More and more bills can now be paid online and of course as other posters here have mentioned, by direct debit. Even then there are occasional instances in which the banks don't receive the demand.

Unfortunately too many people clock up extensive arrears (which they are fully aware of) - but claim ignorance when it comes to paying. Which is why the authorities tend to regard claims that the bills were never delivered with a certain degree of scepticism. In most cases, they would expect householders to enquire if a regular bill wasn't received.

Nevertheless, a polite request for 'help' in resolving the situation will often be far more successful than an open 'I'm not paying' challenge.

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Posted by sandra46-681487 - 8 years ago

P.S. forgot to say, someone on our complex was charged 25% for late payment of bill and was told it is the central government that made the legislation for late charges; and they have to impose them.

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Posted by sandra46-681487 - 8 years ago

as i said, our council doesn't send out a bill, but we know roughly what amount we use, and the council bill is a set price, annually. we went to the local office for a print out of the water bill.

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Posted by donnellap-661518 - 8 years ago

Thanks all

I also had an issue with the annual rubbish bill last year, - I refused to pay the extrra 150 euros and for them to take me to court unless the could provide me with proof of postage - when they saw me in the court room they cancelled it immediately and asked me to go to their office and they amended the bill whereby only 20 euros was paid.

I asked why the bill or the red reminder was not sent by registered post or call me by phone.they said it was cheaper to send someone to post them manually!!

Direct debit is the way to go but do they still send you the bill in the post to check?

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Posted by sandra46-681487 - 8 years ago

we've found our local office very helpful, but we don't get any bills, they just take it on standing order when due. i have asked for a bill and they printed out the whole year for us and explained it to us while we were there.

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Posted by bubblemaker;oP - 8 years ago


From experience, it depends very much on the council, and what they decide. I had to go to a solicitor to get the mess they created over my "rates" (council tax), as the village authorities simply do not listen to anyone-even when they are wrong they are right. In our village, they "sent " the council rates out to "everyone", but we and many other ex-pats didn't receive bills. when we asked for a bill they refused, then they sent a "reminder" with an extortionate "delayed payment" charge on top to myself and many others....

yet again, I wonder why people are leaving Cyprus & it's lawless land in droves????????????

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Posted by sandra46-681487 - 8 years ago

i beleive that is the regulations. best thing to do is set up a standing order for utility bills. the same rules apply to council tax, due in November.