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what rights do we have when buying broken goods

Posted by andi-668571 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by sivmetavm - 3 years ago

European legislation gives you protection for 2 years, as long as you keep your receipt. I forced paypal to return money back to me for an item I purchased more than 6 months ago. Since paypal is located in Luxembourg and they follow EU legislation (which i explained to them) in the end they agreed and returned my loss. The same should happen in Cyprus for anything you buy

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Posted by Nigel Howarth - 4 years ago

AndrewMoni - I had a problem with a garden sprayer I bought from Super Home Centre in Limassol. I returned it the next day and got a replacement - no problem.



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Posted by AndrewMoni - 4 years ago

I bought a kettle from super home centre that appeared to be faulty.  As I did not keep the box I did not expect them to do anything and bought another kettle.  However, I then found that all similar kettles on sale in other shops appeared to have the same fault so eventually I went in and explained that the kettle was faulty, and I did not have the box.  I got a new kettle - so I have no complaints over their service or guarantee.

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Posted by johnny1 - 4 years ago

keep away from that place that calls itself super home center.

there guarantee is useless and everything they sell is useless..hopeless.

its the new pop life!

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Posted by Builder Boy - 4 years ago

The people to speak to are the Cyprus Consumers' Association. They can take the case up for you and are very good.

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Posted by sfield1023 - 4 years ago

all shops as far as i know act the same. i bought a hedgetrimmer that had the cord stuck on first pull, he refused to return me mt money this was at l a diy peyia

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

Follow the advice from Achilleas and johnners, but I have to say we have never had any problems with electrical/electronic goods from Kleima, or with their customer service.

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

Go to the Citizens Advice Burea (Grafeio tou politi) and tell them - they can help.

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Posted by andi-668571 - 9 years ago

Hi I was thinking being a phone it wouldnt have a problem as they sell electrical goods etc which normally have alot of faults.

I was passing there and it was late I thought I would quickly pop in to get a phone.

My mistake i suppose.

I just called them as its been a week and still no reply about my phone and there was a guy on the phone who was so rude to me .

he told me he will find out about it as its not his department I told him in a nice way ok fine but when you do please let the person know that I want a reply as Ive been phoning the last few days and no one gets back to me or tomorrow Im going to the store and I wont leave till somene gives me a phone.He said to me stop talking im talking and this isnt my department and I dont care if you come and stand here all day.

I said u cant talk to me like that im just asking you to pass the message down to the next person you are gona talk to, so then I got annoyed and said I want a manager he said there aint one I said its not possible give me one or Im coming now he said come if you want and have coffee with me i dont care and put the phone down on me.

I will never go to that store again.

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Posted by bill&eva - 9 years ago

If you had really insisted they would have given you a replacement phone .

I'm sure this shop buys seconds or previously returned repaired stock .

But as M Gee has commented why did you buy from them if you knew they were not a good company to deal with .