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Chinese restaurant

Posted by kaz3 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by shopaholic-670119 - 8 years ago

It used to be very good some years ago, don't know now what it is like as haven't been there for a long time.

However, it has been running for more than 15/20 years or so, so one would presume that it is good.

On another note, I will be visiting Hong Kong in July, and was wondering if anyone can recommend some nice restaurants there, in the Kowloon district??
Would appreciate some feedback if possible. Thanks.

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Posted by PEDS111 - 8 years ago

Hi all
Has anybody tried the Chinese/Shushi/Indian restaurant on the St Nicolas roundabout,or I like to call it the magic roundabout?

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

Still haven't got around to trying Mr Chung.

Best kept secret if you want to have traditional home-cooked Cypriot food, go to Magireion Tavernaki. From Limassol castle you go west along Eleftherias St. It's on your left before the little roundabout.

It's not posh. You won't see any Brit there or any tourist. Savvas' wife's in charge of the kitchen. They have live music at weekends, but are busy then. They also do lunch. At lunchtime they have businessmen and workers too.

Be interested to hear any responses.

Personally, we are very fed up with ripoffs, frozen chips and ready made tahini. We wouldn't eat that rubbsh at home. Everything ar Savvas is just as it used to be. And honest prices. They don't speak English, although their sons do. Just point to the menu on the wall.

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Posted by patricia papamichael - 8 years ago


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Posted by AndrewMoni - 8 years ago

I agree - you need to try before you criticise. The food is very tasty whilst not 5*. The buffet price of I think 15 euros includes ALL your drinks (up to 10.30 I think) - so hardly comes close to being a rip off. The lemon chicken is extremely tasty. When I last went the outside area was not in use. It used to be the smoking area, but I think he is only using indoors at the moment (a big pity). For a superb pork chop try the Cavalier where you will find a chop to die for at WELL UNDER the 20 euros mentioned. Come to think of it I have never paid anything like 20 euros for a pork chop. Mind you I do avoid most of the tourist strip, will only eat crispy chip (and find that most places will make them crispy if asked at the time of ordering).. so again, Try 'Normans' on Mondays or Tuesdays for a good value meal (albeit not 5*)

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Posted by belinda-675574 - 8 years ago

We went there yesterday and as a professional caterer (of over 35 years) I will admit the place is not 5*, however it is clean, the hospitality exceptional, and the food out of this world, freshly prepared and hot. A big plus is that we were given hot plates to put our meal on. Well done. Do not knock the place till you have tried it. Surroundings are not the whole experience but the food and cleanliness plays the biggest part in my book. If you want 5* then go and pay the 5* prices.

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Posted by jjwet - 9 years ago


there are good reasons why we didn't venture as far as sampling the food. No matter, you continue to enjoy yourself, it's your choice and your stomach.

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Posted by PEDS111 - 9 years ago

You are right Mr Chungs does not come anywhere near a backstreet restaurant it is 100 times better,seems unfair to criticize somewhere you didnt eat!

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Posted by jjwet - 9 years ago


I lived in Kowloon for 5 years so I think we know what to expect from a back street chinese resturant - the place we went to the other night didn't come anywhere near the mark!

Only posted because I didn't think it was right to raise other people's expectations on what was a disappointing experience. That said, there seems to be less and less reasonable quality resturants in or around Limmasol. The majority of the so called "traditional" Taverna's tend to serve the standard pork chop with greasy chips and rip you off anything up to Euro20 for the pleasure.

Sorry, but I don't think I am alone in my assessment, we've all been there and it seems to be getting worse. I'm still looking for that special place - any suggestions?

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Posted by shopaholic-670119 - 9 years ago

Shame you didn't try the food.
Ok first impression is that it's not a posh looking place, but the food is cooked fresh to order, not a buffet which could have sat there all day.
If you are looking for 5 star service don't go, but if you want to feel like you could be in a Hong Kong backstreet then that's more like it.