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Coffee beans

Posted by DrTraveler - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by papa43 - 4 years ago

Coffee Island on Omonoia avenue

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Posted by journo-666338 - 4 years ago

There are several specialist shops in Larnaka selling a variety of freshly roasted coffee beans and grinding them singly or in combination for you. Including one very small-fronted shop on Piale Pasia, very close  to Larnaka Fort. The shop also sells nuts.

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Posted by curion - 4 years ago

hello drtraveler. we have used a coffee bean shop in athinon street (opposite  offices of cyta ) they stock a wide selections of beans from different countries, grind your chosen beans.they are very experienced and will offer advice. athinon is off anexertisias street in central limassol. good luck.

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Posted by arisc-912093 - 4 years ago

Just wanted to let you know that The Daily Roast in nicosia is roasting fresh coffee within the coffee shop estate coffees for filter and espresso. Can find it at facebook.

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Posted by andrew2009 - 8 years ago

Hi guys coffee direct in themistokli thervi nicosia and agias zonis 19 in limasol sell the best roasted coffee in cyprus.. they are coffee roasters that sell freshly roasted coffee daily. Massive collection of coffees with the best taste and aroma. Higly reccomended try it out!!

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Posted by degalius - 9 years ago

There is one great coffee shop in Pahos. I buy my coffee beans and loose tea there. They also have an online shop www.grand-aroma.com.cy. Tel. 26 220007. They have delivery all over Cyprus.

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Posted by DrTraveler - 9 years ago

I thought I would post this back here for other people searching for the same info.
Yesterday I went to Nicosia to a place called coffee direct ( same as the web site www.coffeedirect.eu). This is an excellent coffee place. Lots of options, great coffee, good prices ( much much cheaper than Starbucks or coffee beanery) Highly recommended. I got my coffee and drove back to Limassol. Today as I was making my coffee I realized from looking at the boxes they have a store in Limassol too!!!!! I haven't visited that yet but I intend to. Here's addresses and phones.
Nicosia store: 27 Themistokli Dervvi, Tel 22660020. ( Starbucks + Sfinakia traffic lights take the north-east road ( Starbucks on your left) and it's on the right hand of the street 50m )Limassol 9A Ayias Zonis 25-347154.

I should point out that another member of angloinfo, emailed me after reading this post telling me she has a store in Nicosia were she roasts coffees from all over the world. I intended to visit her too yesterday but I realized on the last min. that she didn't mention the name of the place, or the address in Nicosia. Just the location of a cafe in limassol that serves her coffee. I emailed back and will check that place out as well when I get the address of were she cells coffee beans.

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Posted by DrTraveler - 9 years ago

So far I checked Alpha Mega, nothing there, they tried to convince me to buy a cheap espresso machine from them that only took pods. Alpha mega seems to be getting worse in the last few months.... My machine also does pods, but I don't like them. Sure they make ok coffee, but they are only designed for ristreto ( read the fine print ) and I don't like paying 45 cents per serving for average coffee. If it was excellent maybe.
I also tried Debenhams on the beach road. They had a better selection of ground coffee than alpha mega, but nothing un-grounded.

I'll do Starbucks if all else fails. I like Kenyan coffee myself, but I tend to try to avoid big franchises.

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

I always buy Kenya beans from Starbucks. They are not lying on the shelf in the heat. They have a fast turnover, as sometimes they are waiting for them to come in.

You have to be careful with small shops that leave beans in the heat and that do not sell many.

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

Sorry DrTraveler, my knowledge of the Lemessos area is too limited to point you in the right direction!