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New British Fish & Chip Shop open in Limassol

Posted by lynelms - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by AndrewMoni - 9 years ago

Just got back from Brittania after the recomendations in this thread and have to say that whilst hard to find fault it is not as good as other recommended Fish and Chips such as Michaels, Rebeccas, Molly Molones, Ocean Basket and Terry's all of which were in our opinion better. Better portions of fish, nicer chips, greater menu selection (not surprising since the others are main restaurants) and all could do deserts as well. Also thought it a little pricey for what it was. Sad to say, but we doubt we will be going back.

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Posted by lynelms - 9 years ago

Like your comments AndrewMoni, anyway not sure if its southern or northern style so my only suggestion is for you to give it a try and maybe you can tell me! Fish was definitely battered to perfection and massive too! Just a bit of extra info is that the Cypriot guy there had a chippy in Liverpool and the other English guy is from London so maybe its a mix and match ie north and south chippy....best of both worlds!

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 9 years ago

The chips have got to be crispy a la Belgian Frites and the fish should have a nice thin light super-crispy batter coating a la chinese - well that's how I like my Fish and Chips anyways!!!! And I still say they tasted better in newspaper before the H+S brigade got involved and gave us clinical non absorbant greaseproof paper, white polystyrene trays and wooden forks.

Still, have been watching this place be developed and had it on the list to try ... good to hear it has finally opened - must give it a whirl. You can keep the mushy peas and chips 'n gravy though and as for curry sauce on chips .. well that's just an invasion from Asia taking over our National Dish!!!!

Would not like anyone to think this was a provocative posting (chuckles)...............

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Posted by Graham S - 9 years ago

Ah, but what do they cook their chips in? There's a big difference between chippies south of a line roughly from the Wash to Cardigan Bay and those north of it (broadly anyway, as there are southern chippies that cook in a northern style and vice versa). It's generally a case of animal fat, vegetable oil or sunflower or similar light oils. I'm not going to commit myself as to which side of the line I come from, but I will say that I really can't cope with chips from the "wrong" side of the line........