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Olive Mill in Kolossi

Posted by JJMally-687816 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by JoHo-689100 - 8 years ago


We went to the Olive Mill in Kolossi one evening recently. Everyone enjoyed their meals - we had gammon steaks, scampi and spicy chicken. It is excellent value for money, the staff are very friendly and also it is warm there.

When George, the postmaster had it, it was always meze with not many vegetable dishes but a lot of meat dishes. Some people don't want to eat a lot of meat. We went there two or three years ago on a winter's evening and it was cold with just a couple of small heaters.

We prefer it now. The menu has some cypriot food and some english food. We will be back soon for the pork chops.

We have been to Cava two or three times. It is very nice but too expensive!! We will probably go once a year for a special occasion, but not somewhere we would go to regularly.


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Posted by JBEST - 8 years ago

Nice advert....

Did you ever try CAVA RESTAURANT menu, in Episkopi Limassol....?

There are a lot of choices to order and also enormous Pork chops.



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Posted by Street Wise! - 8 years ago

Having used the olive mill at Kolossi for years and seen the place change from one set of owners to the next i can say it would not be a place i would rush back to for food! its a lovely village coffee shop for a couple of drinks during the day or early evening but its not a restaurant and lets not kid our selves that it is a restaurant as it isn't, there are plenty of nice restaurants serving good quality food for a lesser price than the olive mill, as for the meze comment above your right there are plenty of different meze's offered throughout the island however the olive mill 'meze' has never been and will never be a meze its a mix grill!!

Please don't let my comments put you off trying this 'coffee shop' for food but try it for lunch and save yourself for a real meze at Andy's place just off the troodos rounder about!

I don't live in Kolossi but have used the olive mill for years i therefore can give you an unbiased view on the place.

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Posted by lttbo - 8 years ago

pleased it looks like things are on the up. still think the best food was when george the post master and his wife had it.

i will try it again when I come in october, never say never, still go to the erimi kitchen for me fish and chips

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Posted by kafriz - 8 years ago

Went to The Old Olive Mill with family and Friends recently and the food and service was wonderful.Very big portions,

great service and the price for all of us for food and a lot of drinks was much lower than we all expected.Would very much

recommend to anyone who has not been before or since new owner took over to try it out.Well worth a visit!

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Posted by No longer Online - 8 years ago

Best is to try it yourself if you look at the menu you will see what the food is and it is a meat meze and the quality is superb. There are many different types of Meze in Cyprus and if they were all the same it would be very boring. Look at the menu from the website, www.theoldolivemill.com, and then if you are interested try it, you will not be dissapointed by the standard of the food.

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Posted by souvla-700662 - 8 years ago

oh dear - no village food? that's me put off :( nothing like afelia or even better kleftico to get my vote, esp for visitors!

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Posted by lttbo - 8 years ago

The meze is a poor mixed grill. no village food, stifado, afilia, tavas, mushrooms, musaka, or even OLIVES! etc etc (dress your own salad?)
Enjoying this thread!

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Posted by JJMally-687816 - 8 years ago

They also do a good English Breakfast......go and give it a go........
Don`t know where it `pants` but the atmosphere is good and so is the food. You are missing out on good tucker.

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Posted by lttbo - 8 years ago

used to eat there all the time, its pants now, fish out of a box and frozen chip, the prices have shot up.
too much competition around offering quality food at better prices.