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Another UK newbie, hoping for help!

Posted by danno99 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by paul 008 - 9 years ago

Hi Danno

Think very hard about you working as an electrician in Cyprus.

I am a qualified british electrician living in Paphos. There are quite a few electricians living in Paphos which have been here longer then me (I have been here two years). These other sparks are established with good contacts, so it is not easy to break into the private sector ie: home owners. There is no factories in Paphos just building work (apartments and offices)

If you work for a Cypriot company the wages are no where near the money you get in the UK and I would be amazed if you got the job anyway.

It's not like the UK everything over here is a bodge job, there are few electrical wholesalers but they dont nowhere near carry the products you get back in the UK.

They sell SWA cable but you cant buy the kleats to go with it. Everything is done in plastic trunking and conduit, but you cant get all the accessories to go with it.

Oh by the way if you can put a 13 amp plug on then you are an electrian, you want to see the lash ups I have seen.

There is work out here, but take the advise of the other guy (oakland) have enough money in the bank to survive.

Kind Regards


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Posted by danno99 - 9 years ago

Hi Oakland, just a quicky to say that I have looked at the tax system in Cyprus, & it seems that it is a lot better then many other places, so I suppose that goes toward a better standard of living. But was hoping you could confirm that I have interpreted it correctly. Upto 20K you pay nothing. But I am not sure if you earn say 28K, do you then pay 20% on the 28K or only pay it on the 8K.
I hope this is a sensible question & im not having a blond moment.
p.s I hope your building work is keeping you busy in these difficult times.

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Posted by danno99 - 9 years ago

Ouch, that rate of pay hurts a bit, & a year is a long time to live without an income. I am told the cost of living is a good rate lower then UK & you dont have to worry about year round fuel bills. But if a labourer earns say 200 euros per week, then that equates to say 50% of UK earnings. If this 50% drop applies to tradesmen like plumbers & electricians etc, then the standard of living, or free money left in my pocket at the end of the week would not be much. Assuming I could get a job in the 1st place. In the UK I spent the last 20 years running my own electrical contracting company. That would be my preferred route in Cyprus. But I thought it was a bit optimistic to say the least, to expect to be able to go there & jump straight to that status!
So, all in all, lots to evaluate & its great having input from expats like yourselves who have been through the mill.
Thanks & All the best

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Posted by oakland-685861 - 9 years ago


Just to let you know , I am in the Building Industry and work is very slow at present and looks as though it will remain that way for some time to come .

However keep it in mind , salaries here are not what you would get in the UK , and all the Cypriot Developers give preference to Cypriots first , so you will find it hard .

I would suggest you come with a load of money and be able to live without working for a year , that will give you time to get around and meet people and get the lay of the land so to speak .

As I rough guide line a Labourer would get around 750 to 800 Euros a month , so you can guess what you could expect .


West Coast Services

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Posted by danno99 - 9 years ago

Thanks for the advice, I would definitely expect to need to learn Greek eventually. But I am not a quick language learner, so its good to know that it is possible to start work without it. I guess the slow down in work is almost universal, but the official figures for unemployment in Cyprus, show it as fairing pretty well. So that is a bit confusing when I hear so many are leaving to return to UK. Although the advice is to research cyprus. I think there is only so much that I can do from afar, so next step is to rent a place for a few months.
Cheers for your help.

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hi Dan,

It's good to read you're doing a lot of research regards moving here. So many have made the move without thinking and planning things through and then having to move back to the UK.

It's possible to get work here without being able to speak or write Greek but it will be so much easier if you can learn the language. Cyprus first language is Greek not English, regardless what people may tell you.

Electricians will always get work here but as the property market has stalled the demand has dropped. It also depends if you want to be employed or self-employed both have advantages and disadvantages.

If you do move here then you're right to rent first then consider buying when the time is right.