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Apple iphone 3gs question

Posted by thedon29 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by spike10,000 - 8 years ago

who ever told you that is wrong because i brought a phone over from the uk earlier this year thinking cos it was vodaphone uk it would work here it didnt and had to pay silly money here to get it unlocked.

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Posted by thedon29 - 8 years ago

Thanks for the replies, but so wondering if I put my cyta card and test it and it works, will it work over here? A few people have told me it will because its on vodafone uk and cyta is with vodafone as well, so should be no problem??

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Posted by achilleas - 8 years ago

If they have had it for more than 12 months in the UK, then they are entitled BY LAW to have it factory unlocked - they cannot refuse to do this.
If you do that then the CYTA SIM Card will work with no problems and you can (if youhave a UK credit card and address to enter) use the iTune UK Store.
If it is not unlocked, then you can get it hacked (here are loads of sites where you can do this) but if you upgrade then you will find out that your iPhone becomes a useless brick.

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Posted by spike10,000 - 8 years ago

you would have to get it unlocked better to do that in th uk, cheaper than here.