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areas other than limassol!

Posted by steffnixon - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by babymumma - 9 years ago

have you thought about moving to Paphos? Its very different from the other cities in Cyprus (mainyl because there is so many English here) but you can also live in Cypriot parts of Paphos to feel like a local but have the english people around for friends (if that is what you want)

There are lots of good international english run schools which also teach greek and also good local greek schools.

It's not far to drive from Paphos to Limassol if you missed the "amenities" there although Paphos is starting to become more and more like the other cities too!

Worth a thought anyway :)

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Posted by like2shop - 9 years ago

By the way in case you are interested there is an event this Friday for Sirius Dog Sanctuary many English people will be attending some of them I believe live in Episkopi.

Sirius Dog Sanctuary Fundraising Event at Citrus Cafe(Irenes street 71, tel:99798181) on Friday 9th of July at 20:30

Club Dance With Me will spice up the night with some latin dancing

Gift baskets with wine & chocolate to be won with our Raffle draw (€1 per tckt)

Entrance:€10.00 (1 drink + cheese & cold meat platters)

All profits will go towards the construction of our new Sanctuary

Supporters: Evnis Gefsis Catering, Kanali 6, Coast FM, Club Dance With Me

Note: tickets will be sold at the entrance however please make a reservation

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Posted by like2shop - 9 years ago

There's an English speaking book-club at Cafe Ibsen in Limassol (near Marks and Spencers). They have meetings once a month on a Wednesday night and are very welcoming. Tel 25340714 ask for Bente email bente@club-ibsen.eu

If you would like to volunteer, depending on your interests there are two animal sanctuaries in Limassol: Malcolm Cat Protection Society (Akrotiri) and Sirius Dog Sanctuary in Moni. They also organize many events which you can attend.

I also know of a group on facebook the Cyprus expats I think, sorry I can’t remember the name but they organize get-togethers.

Do you speak Greek? You can also take lessons for just 56euros for the full year. Ask your local Greek school about this. I took Italian last year. They are called epimorfotika. Unfortunately the website is in Greek, you can call 25877524 for more information or just ask at your children’s school. There is a form that you need to fill out; there is one in English as well. Classes usually start in October.

I can also suggest reading the Cyprus Weekly and Cyprus Mail some groups advertise in these newspapers.

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Posted by loumon - 9 years ago

Hiya Steff,

I am in a similar position to you. I lived in Paphos for a number of years where I had many ex pat friends and then moved to Limassol for work reasons. I much prefer Limassol, it has a lot more amenities etc but making friends and feeling part of the community is near impossible. It can get lonely sometimes no matter how independent you are. Anyway if you fancy a chat or need suppport email me on louisemonaghan@live.com . I am from Dublin but living here eight years now.

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Posted by steffnixon - 9 years ago

Hi Gill, yep I'm from Northern Ireland, you can contact me on steffnixon@hotmail.co.uk

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Posted by irlanda-672549 - 9 years ago

Hi Steff

Are you from Northern Ireland? If you are let me know and I'll be in touch.



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Posted by steffnixon - 9 years ago

Thanks for your input, it really helps me sort things in my head a bit- this is where i miss a support network to bounce ideas off and talk things out to. I have been giving it all a lot of thought and basically trying to decide if I have given it my best shot or not. To be honest if I went home now I would forever regret not trying harder so I think we are going to stay one more year and really work at it. I think when you first come out it is all so exciting and new and you are filled with enthusiasm of a new life. When the holiday feel wears off and the reality sets in the lonliness and 'fish out of water' feeling can be crippling, or it was for me.

My sons are doing ok in the school at the minute so there is really no need to disrupt them - it would be for my happiness not theirs. I have always been shy and found it reallly hard to make that friendship connection with people, my self confidence hasnt been that great either in the past few years so I know there were opportunities at the beginning that I should have taken to meet people but I didnt. Only myself to blame. We'll see what happens over this next year. My children are my life and I just need to know I am doing the right thing by them and me being so unhappy is not the right thing.

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Posted by Tang-662317 - 9 years ago

I do feel for you - I don't have the problem of young children to cope with. When I first came to Cyprus I didn't want to live in an 'ex pat community' development and chose Limassol (although it wasn't somewhere I'd ever wanted to take a holiday in previously when visiting Cyprus and really didn't like the Tourist Area at all) But was thinking it would be better to be somewhere BIG with all facilities in easy reach and lived in the Town Centre, thinking anywhere off the beaten track would be just too isolated for someone living on their own. I never really liked it from day one. I gave it my best shot and stayed for more than a year to see how it panned out in different seasons. Looking back, I think I always felt like a 'tourist' there and was always treated like one too!

I moved to Larnaca some years ago and love it here. Still don't live where lots of Brits live (at first it was mostly Cypriots here but these days is a veritable 'league of nations' here) Not right in the Tourist Area but near the old town, between Finicoudes and Makenzy beach areas. I can walk to most places I need to go (I think this helps you get to know the place better than having to jump in your car every time you need to go from A to B - you miss out a lot of interesting people you might meet on the way from A to B!) In a very short time I'd got to know the local shopkeepers and neighbours.

I wouldn't want to keep moving if I had children. You say you are not happy where you are but how are your children liking it? Would they be amenable to moving? Just thinking you don't want to swap one set of problems for another!

I know quite a few Brits who have found a good way to meet others is to volunteer to help out in animal shelters (needn't be more than one morning or session a week - or even 'fostering' pets short term). All those I've been involved with hold coffee mornings and BBQ evenings and other fundraising events. And I have a Brit neighbour here who lived in Italy for years before coming to Cyprus and she told me that volunteering to work in a local charity shop one or two mornings a week was how she got to know people around here and helped her with the language too.

I cannot say I will never move again because some Cyprus towns are changing rapidly in my view. Maybe the day will come when I decide I do want to head for the hills and 'get away from it all'.

Good luck with whatever you decide to try or to do.

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Posted by Aase - 9 years ago

I don't know if they would be able to go to the school in Erimi if you live in Episkopi but you can always ask. I heard that the head teacher at the Erimi school joikingly said it should be called 'Erimi International School'. They also offer school until 4 p.m. as they apparently have received some special funding for a trial project. I would definitely contact them. The people we know who have kids there are British but there are also many with one British parent and one Greek parent.

Contacting the mum's network could also be a good option. I was really lucky when I arrived here as the first week I met a lovely Norwegian lady who had also just arrived. Her husband is the Director of a Norwegian company that has relocated here and within months they had brought several families over so suddenly I had this large network of really nice ladies! I must admit that I never planned to spend my time in Cyprus hanging around with Norwegians, I never did during the 15 years I lived in London, but if you can't make friends with the locals then other ex-pats will have to do!

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago


why don't you join the website for mums in Cyprus? It was featured in yesterday's Sunday Mail. They also meet up apart from being an online community.

It is for 'foreign' mums in Cyprus.

Having lived here for 20 years and even being married to a Cypriot, I can say that we will never become part of the community here. It's not possible.

For me my work and my dogs have been my focuse - and my volunteer work. But for 'mums' I'd try the new website. I've met the young woman who started it up and she's very go-ahead.