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Availability of Work in Cyprus

Posted by hightower - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

Good advice given.

Do not burn your bridges. It is completely different here,

You will never be able to speak Cypriot dialect - I've learned Greek, but the dialect is another thing.

I was in a mega high-paid job for 6 years, using only English (with an offshore international corporation). So as you can see, thing are pretty complex. Best to come for a couple of months and do the investigations yourself. Get eh Cyprus Weekly and reply to the job ads and see what response you get.

Plus, Cyprus is afcing the credit crunch and, like the previou poster, I have a Cypriot husband who is intelligent and with a European outlook and he can't get a job.

Banking is only for Cypriots. Forget about that (as the previous person says).

Good luck but major research needed.

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Posted by arahban - 8 years ago

1) IT Technician/Administratorin demand (almost 60% of job posts require Greek language) - 1000-2500 Euro depending on Experience
2) Web Developerin demand (but not much at the moment) - 1000 - 2000 Euro depending on experience
the rest, forget about them, unless you're a Cypriot or Greek, u stand no chance, sorry, but to speak Greek fluently u must be living here for few years unless you're ingenious, i'm struggling to speak it though i've been living here since 10 years!!

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Posted by emilyrose-705919 - 8 years ago

NOT a very good time to be moving to Cyprus. I have lived here for many years and it is getting harder. Banking seems to be limited to Cypriot Nationals (never seen any other nationality working in a bank). If you are good at what you do then there is always an opportunity to work for yourself but it is very difficult. Fantastic that you are learning Greek, but once again the general consensus of opinion is that you really do need to be fluent (not only in Greek Greek but Cypriot Dialect) Husband is Cypriot and I still can't get a good job. Take care don't burn all your bridges and good luck. Patricia

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Posted by hightower - 8 years ago

Thanks for your very detailed reply. It's quite promising to hear that response as all persons are qualified/experienced in their fields (i.e. not trying to start a new career in Cyprus such as an apprenticeship, but instead to continue their already developed career - just in a different country). It gives me hope that work may be available when we go out after next summer.

The point of wanting to go to Cyprus is a great deal for the culture/lifestyle, and therefore learning Greek is a necessity in our minds, and we have been told this would have us a major advantage over any person not speaking the nations language.

Once again - many many thanks for your time and advice.


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Posted by achilleas - 8 years ago

The fact that you are going to learn Greek is a plus because you are going to need it to get the best paid jobs on the island - Greek is the language of Cyprus and not English as some people like to think or demand.

The majority of the best paid jobs are in Nicosia and Limassol because they are not tourist driven - Paphos, Larnaca and Famagusta are tourist driven and the majority of the jobs there are seasonal and low paid due to the tourist industry trying to get the cheapest possible workers.

There has been a slow-down in the jobs market the past year with the recession, but there are some areas that offer employment - just so you know it is not a good time to look for jobs in Cyprus between June and September as this si the time of year when people hire less.

Going through your list, here is what I would say is the avilability;

1) IT Technician/Administrator - there are jobs available here as long as you are on the high end of the market and know also things like networking

2) Web Developer - this is a saturated area and has a lot of small "one-man" companies that offer cheap web sites. There are many serious (larger) companies also that handle the larger sites

3) Marketing Person - Many companies look for marketing people - mainly with degrees and also marketing experience is needed

4) Banking (cashier/mortgage advisor/financial advisor) - need to be very fluent in Greek here and it is a very difficult area to get into as it is seen as a safe job for life (though this is changing) and the places are very limited

5) Book-keeper - there are many companies that require book-keepers to handle their accounts. Some people work from home handling a few companies. You need to know the Cyprus tax system, etc., to be able to do this correctly, but it is not difficult.

I hope this helps