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Burglary - Gold Jewelry Stolen

Posted by KnightKK - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by KnightKK - 9 years ago

Dear Mystic

Thankyou for your message.

The jewelry I lost was mainly bought by friends, my husband and my parents (and I lost my Dad 5 years ago so, ditto - none of it can ever be replaced).

It affected me pretty badly for some time but with the help of my amazing hubby, very good friends and "happy pills" I am getting over it - although can't help missing my stuff from time to time.

Unlike you, our experiences with the "police" was far different. They did not take fingerprints and really seemed totally unconcerned. However, they did tell us that they had caught them 2 weeks later (they were Cypriots) and that they were held in custody for 5 days - but then they were RELEASED !

Best wishes to you too


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Posted by KnightKK - 9 years ago

Dear Keal

Oh no ! I am SO sorry to hear this - and after so long. We were burgled back in Oct last year so to hear that such events are happening again is seriously not good news.

Police attended us but unlike you, did NOT take fingerprints or anything. We were told that those responsible were caught about 2 weeks later (they were Cypriot). They were held in Police custody for 5 days - and then RELEASED ! Nothing was ever recovered and no further action has been taken.

Before you advised of this recent incident, I heard of others in Tala a few weeks ago (and those people affected had door locks changed, windows lifted out, etc) so I urge everyone out there to be extra conscientious and careful and not give them any opportunity - and also to get comprehensive and full insurance. Fit window locks, proper door locks, PIR lights, alarms - as much as you can.

With the help of my amazing hubby and very good friends, I have managed to put a lot of it behind me although I still do miss my stuff on occasions - I hope you have as much support too.

Take care. Best Wishes


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Posted by Mystic - 9 years ago

KnightKK, I am sorry to hear that this happened to you. I hope you reported it to the police. I had the same thing happen to me some time ago, they took everything but my computer and tv, they couldn't get them over the balcony. Everything I owned, gone. Particularly upsetting were little jewellery items from my grandfather who is no longer with us, and moreso from my little neice, who died aged 10. That was all I had to remember her by. It really is devastating I know.

You must report it to the police. The Cyprus CID were absolutely wonderful with me. It took 4 months of living hell to get the burglars, but they did in the end. It is not easy to get over, gets to you psychologically, but please, if you can, try to move on. I know it did my health no good what-so-ever because I found it so hard to get over, but these people don't care. Generally they are stealing to feed themselves/families because they have lost their jobs, or the worst kind are stealing for their drug habits. My intruders were also drug users and dealers, and eventually through the determination of the CID, they got 4 and a half years in prison. I wish now that I had been stronger mentally and not let it take me over, cos that just means they win again, they take your stuff, and your health.

Some time after it happened, I watched a close friend in Cyprus die a very painfull and slow death, she had cancer. It brought home to me that those possessions didn't mean much really. I know it isn't easy, but make the curses on them, then try to get a positive mind and move on. Think how much worse it could have been, for instance my burglars stole the large knife from my block of kitchen knives. I wondered why on earth they would want that. The CID told me that was meant for me if I had walked in and disturbed them. So think on, it really could have been worse.

I never did get a single thing back of my stolen goods. I sincerely hope you do. We must all realise now that nowhere is safe anymore.

Best wishes.

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Posted by Keal - 9 years ago


I am so sorry to hear this news, we have had a phone call today to say that our villa has been broken into and our tv has been taken, plus the window frames and patio frame has also been damaged. We only took posession in September and have spent the last three years working and saving hard to get it finished and furnished so we are too very upset.

I really hope that someone reading this and maybe knows the people responsible will see what upset this causes. I am so sorry about your jewellery, that must be awful for you.

We are flying out there tomorrow, our villa is in Peyia, the holiday was planned but we will now be sorting security to try and make it more secure and trying to repair or replace the damage thats been done.

Our developer has been brilliant and has been with the police there this afternoon, along with our English management company and have got fingerprints etc. They have all told us the problem is rife out there at the moment. Not very comforting though :(

Hope you feel better soon

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Posted by KnightKK - 9 years ago

Coral Bay, Paphos.

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Posted by harisv - 9 years ago

Sorry too hear about your loss. Where do you live by the way?