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Calling all the people of Cyprus!

Posted by KGdeG - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

Glad to help! Actually, I did like the Buda part best. Some super little old houses be great to own - and that lovely church - also little bistro-type resuarants. I also enjoyed staying on the boat hotel on the river.

The owners couldn't do enough for us, providing super veggie banquets. I enjoyed sitting watching the river go by, people with speedboats, and everywhere people jogging and walking with their dogs in green places.

The Hungarians presented us with Tokaj wine, which I didn't fancy as it's sweet. It was lovely. Also they took us to a restuarant in an area where there are very expensive old houses.

Also, we rescued two brown bears from their 14-years of imprisonment in barren cages at Limassol zoo, chartered aplane and flew them to Budapest. They then went to the sanctuary at a place with a difficult name, but I was told to say 'very shaky ass' to pronounce it. So I know 'medvar'.

Bye again. Enough about Budapest!

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Posted by KGdeG - 9 years ago


It seems to me you liked Budapest a lot. Beatiful city i have to admit, however it has some places you should avoid visiting. For example district 7 and 8 are kind of dangerous zones, they are full with criminals, and harmful people. If you have to go there on any occasion, do that in the daylight with a local.

Also, thanks for your experiences! They are really usefull for us.


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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

Hi there KGdeG

I have two Hungarians (Echo and Diva) living in my house and I love them. They are long-haired chihuahuas I brought from Hungary.

Their owner is very nice too! Actually I've been to Budapest 3 times and found some very friendly people. And some very nice (vegetarian and fish) food.

I'm not Cypriot but am married to one and have been here for 20 years. Here there is 'Cypriot time' - you arrive at a meeting 45 minutes late - and 'English time' - you arrive on time.

Life here has changed greatly. Cypriots were famous for their warmth and hospitality. In the towns now it's different, although you can still find it in the villages.

One big difference between here and Hungary is that people tend to shout here, not speak. So we avoid restauarnts or go for lunch at 12 when it's still quiet (Cypriot people arrive at 1).

Also they eat very late at night compared to us from the north.

Finally, in Hungary you see people with dogs, but they are often badly treated here and there's a big problem with homeless ones. Of course there are Cypriots who love their pets. It's just that the animal welfare law is not enforced by the authorities.

Another big difference is that many people here have enormous houses. Many also have domestic servants (live-in) from third-world countries. They do not like to do manual work.

Finally, there's no tradition of culture - going to the opera, theatres etc like you will find in Budapest. On my last trip to Budapest I went to a Sunday morning matinee opera - old ladies and ordinary peole were flocking to it. After I had a glass of wine and a browse in a lovely bookstore. There were lots of concerts I could have gone to. On a recent visit to Nice, I went to an orchestral concert Sunday morning at the opera house. Every box was full - families with children. I was amazed.

Then after they wander around the flower sellers and have brunch at one of many bistros. So Cyprus is not European in that sense.

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Posted by Twilight Support - 9 years ago

Found your answers really interesting ! I am soon to be living in Cyprus .. ahh whay a jewel you really have ... I have travelled , and never leave UK without my manners and smile ( of course ) Also have done years of research online , could i trouble you for a few of the more important customs . Cyproit of course , when living in the far east there are certain manners used when dining out ... Ex .. tapping your finger lightly on the table ( use for a thank you gesture)when your host pours your tea ( that being china tea , drunk throughout the meal )

It would be really helpful if the customs could be known and used , to relieve any unknown offending behaviour . I have picked up the dining manners , and the visiting of homes . Just curious if there are other customs , that are more relevent for every day use .

Thank you for your time on this subject ... Cheers P ..am female btw


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Posted by KGdeG - 9 years ago

Thank you very much! :)
Much appreciated!

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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

How do you give something to somebody? (any special gesture?)
Depends on the occasion. most of the time you just say "this is a gift for you"

How do you ask somebody about something?
Look at them in the eye and ask them something

How do you reject something?
Depends on what they atr rejecting

How do you say ’yes’ and ’no’?
yes- nod the head down very quickly
no- nod the head up very quickly and some say this nose "tsch"

How do you count? How do you count on your fingers? (whichfinger represent 1,2,3…)(i know it’s strange..)
like more people. fingers, calculator, in your head

Do you have jobs only available for woman or man?
no. except you dont find many househusbands and possibly the president of Cyprus

What do you think about foreign people (turists, andsettlers too)?(do you have prejudice?)
Cypriots tend to stay away from the tourists in Ayia Napa. and anyone who disrespectd their customs

Do you know anything about hungarian people, or have any experiencewith them?
the seem like a nice lot

Do you happen to use bargaining? If so, how?
Cypriots bargain all the time and everywhere. They are quite vocal about it too. Always ask for discounts.

What is an average salary if you are a physical worker,educated person,or highly qualified someone?

Compared to your income, about which things can you say :it’s cheap, it’s expensive, it’s ok ? (for example: food, rent, gasoline,outfit)
Most of everything is overpriced. But that is the price you pay if you want to live in Cyprus.

How do you measure/feel traveling distances? I mean, whatdo you call: it’s far away, it’s close?
Even though this is a small island and realistically things are actually near each other but most Cypriots dont like to walk more than 5 meters anywhere and they feel driving 40mins from Limassol to Nicosia is too long a distance. So most always complain if they have to drive to another town.

Time related questions. How do you define:now, soon, later,another time? (for example: if you say, we will meet soon. when will it happen?In 2 hours? 2 days?)
If you tell a Cypriot to be somewhere at 9pm they will arrive at 10pm. If a Cypriot tells you we will meet soon expect a few years.

How does your religion influence your everyday life/work?
Today not much. But they love to eat their feasts on their religious holidays.
also on name days, the person celebrating must always offer a snack to their colleagues at work.

Whattypical gift doyou give, if you are invited for a dinner?
Wine or dessert.

What gift do you give in the area of business?
Gift vouchers from a store or flowers. Also it is customary for the celebrating person to offer some kind of chocolate or cookies or snack to all their collegues.

Hope this helps you.