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cheapest supermarkets in Cyprus

Posted by catmeister212 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

I dont think the Orphanides in Polemidia are that cheap anymore. Im begining to slowly see px increases recently on some products. Maybe this research went to their heads.....

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

I was in Debenhams and found a booklet in my bag. 'Beauty Festival' advertising lots of cosmetics. I will give a few example of prices compared to the same items on feelunique.com

(they send with no charge for post)

Yves St Laurent Touche Eclat 34.80 euros (17.50 pounds at feelunique)

Lancome Hypnose mascara 31 euros (14.90)

These shops must be losing a lot of money since we are not willing to be ripped off in that way.

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Posted by lifeismine - 9 years ago

i have been told recently that lidl cannot open because and i find this hilarious.....the council say that they are too cheap and will put other businesses in the area out of business, IMO their scared that we will realise how much the supermarkets have been making out of us for such a long time...on another note iceland have opened in episkipi a couple of days ago same sort of prices as the other supermarkets but more choice and alot of 2 4 1 offers at the moment so i've been told

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Posted by Lazer - 9 years ago

So, for those living in Paphos, where is the cheapest place to buy fruit and vegetables please?


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Posted by soulla15 - 9 years ago

Stelios supermarket is in Leivadia - if you're coming from Dekelia road, turn into Leivadia and go straight over the first roundabout and follow the road quite a way up. The supermarket is on your left- you can't really miss it.

Also, I can tell you where the new Lidls will be because it's practically on my doorstep! Actually, there are two being prepared in Larnaca: one on the Dekelia Road, next to the Toyota dealership (close to the port roundabout) and the other in Aradippou, close to the roundabout where Zorba Mickey toy shop is. We originally heard that they will open simultaneously with all the other Lidls on the island in January, but have now heard rumours that it will be April.


Soulla xxx

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Posted by MariaEph320 - 9 years ago

"It will be interesting to see what happens when Lidls opens its doors in the new year."

Does anyone know where the Lidls in Larnaca will be?

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Posted by lynz412 - 9 years ago

Can someone please let me know how to get to Stelios supermarket in LArnaca?


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Posted by Gatienne - 9 years ago

A slight correction about Athienitis in Nicosia. The only and unique shop run by the Athienitis family is the hypermarket of Pallouriotissa. The "Smart shops" are not run by the same group. I know it is confusing because of the same name, but this information can be easily checked.
I agree with most comments posted, the way the study had been conducted is obscure, and I still believe Athienitis is the cheapest hypermarket in Nicosia, and for many reasons. They do have their own products (they pack themselves sugar for example), they have their own tissues or serviettes, but as well they are exclusive importers of many products which you will not find elsewhere and contribute to low down a lot the price of your basket. They import nice biscuits from Gullon in Spain, or they have an exquisite range of French wines or Champagne for an unbeatable price for quality. Even give a trial to their cider and you will be puzzled.
On other local products, like high quality saussages or organic Weetabix for example, I found differences with Carrefour (where I often shop though) of 15 to 18%.
Furthermore, I stopped myself buying in Orphanides some times ago when I discovered the prices at till where often different from those in the shelves (up to 3 articles the same day, and it happens me twice) ... And don't try to get the difference refund, or you spend hours (and energy) !
So I keep on going once a month to Athienitis for the big purchases, and go local for the daily needs (let's save energy !)
A mother of 3, looking carefully at her budget !

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Posted by soulla15 - 9 years ago

I find Tesco Express in Larnaca very reasonable indeed, but they don't always have the full variety of stuff that i need. After my last shopping trip to Carrefour, I vowed never to shop there again. I always found that I had to check the receipt very carefully indeed as the price on the shelves was not what I paid - I was once charged E7 for a packet of peppermint tea bags! And the customer service has always been lousy.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Lidls opens its doors in the new year. If their prices are similar to their UK prices, these bigger supermarkets will be in for a shock. Unfortunately, many of the smaller independent shops will also suffer.

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Posted by cookthebook - 9 years ago

It would have been more useful had I have been able to understand it however It upholds my belief that a cartel excists in many areas on the Island