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Crime Wave

Posted by napier11 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by napier11 - 9 years ago

Well all I can say is I am glad to read that the Police are directing their hard efforts where it is clearly required, rather than wasting their time on, say, checking lorry tyres for baldness, preventing idiots for driving 3 feet from your rear bumber along the motorway, failing to stop at red lights (traffic and pedestrian) etc etc etc

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

Very old news - happened in November. They were playing poker and gin rummy.

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Posted by lawrence38-682147 - 9 years ago

Probably.......Bingo, right ? I guess that's illegal over here, unlike all the "online" casinos everywhere where people spend tons of money....Maybe they didn't have the right connections...

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Posted by Relocating - 9 years ago

Tht equates to 2.3809523 euros each. Big time then??!!