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Cypriot Wedding

Posted by Relocating - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by elindis - 9 years ago

We go to a lot of Cypriot weddings. There are usually three parts: the church service, the general reception and the meal. You dont have to go to the church service (depends on how close you are to the couple) - it takes about 45 minutes and is quite informal in that people walk in and out of the church (so it doesnt matter if you turn up half way through!). After the service most people have a drinks reception at the hotel in the garden where there will be canapes. The bride and groom will be standing with their parents and (usually quite a long queue forms) everyone passes by to shake their hands and congratulate them. This is when you give your envelope with cash. You give it to the best man who is standing with the newly weds. Amounts vary depending on how well you know them, so thats up to you. We usually put a card in the envelope but I know most Cypriots just make do with a business card!!!

The couple can spend a few hours standing there shaking hands and the main meal is usually quite late to give them time to recover. There are usually seating plans at the evening meal and its much like an English wedding. They dont usually make speeches (although thats actually a tradition which is slowly picking up here) and many people have a buffet instead of a set menu. After the food the waiters will often bring spirits to the table and the dancing begins. It will be a late night because they dance for HOURS!!

Hope that helps.

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Posted by isamar - 9 years ago

most weddings in Cyprus do not have a seating plan except the ones that are organized in the hotels. the amount to give depends on your budget and how well you now the couple, the dress code ok it depends the place i suppose. if you are a relative then you should dress better than the one who is just going for a few minutes just to congrats the couple.