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cyprus post

Posted by michau - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Breaker-671553 - 8 years ago

My sister in UK sent a parcel to me on 12th April. It contained birthday cards and gifts from my family. To this date I still haven't received it, I'm so annoyed.

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Posted by magbob - 8 years ago

Hi, my daughter in-law in Scotland posted a parcel of dvds on 9/03/10 and i received them today !! I know the expression is slowly-slowly but this takes that to a new level.

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Posted by michau - 8 years ago

yes true:) The local postman that delivers my post said so that he gets upset with them at times cause this is what they do , the new post they put infront and always the others are kept at the back and us we have to keep waiting hehe!But it seems it s not only me and that gives me comfort;)

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 8 years ago

Hi Michau,

One of the problems is the service is unpredictable. We've received packets from the UK within 3 days of posting, then at other times delivery has taken 4 weeks or more.

It's as if they are always playing catch up and any post arriving on the island that isn't sorted and delivered on a particular day ends up at the bottom of the pile for the start of the next days sorting. If there's a bigger load of new packets the following day the previous days post remains at the bottom of the pile.

It's one of the 'joys' of living in Cyprus but the advantages of the island out-weigh these things... most of the time!


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Posted by michau - 8 years ago

yes it s amazing!I complained at the post office and of course it s not their fault. I am currently in Malta for holiday, I ordered things from Uk and China and got all my staff in 3 maximum 5 days!In Malta it sa privitized company in Cyprus is goverment maybe that says it all:)

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Posted by greenfly60 - 8 years ago

yes , unfortunately it's a major problem.
Even though we have a Post Box number at the general Post office it is still the same.
We have notified family and friends and all local utilities etc.
Some things get to us and others don't.
If you complain to Cytanet for example they say it's the Post, so you go to the post office
and they say, it's Cytanet............no answer I am afraid that we know of........