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E106 Residual forms

Posted by Jennifer 2 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by tonypp - 8 years ago

I thought the E106 was only was valid for two years and was not renewable.

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Posted by mariepage-673266 - 8 years ago

you need to get in touch with newcastle for E106 forms 01912181999

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Posted by ANITA-665666 - 8 years ago

As far as I am aware, if you are retired but under the uk state retirement age, you receive free medical care in Cyprus for a maximum of 2 years after leaving the UK - dependant on when you last paid NI contributions. After that period, if you wish to be treated in Cyprus you either have to pay fully for that treatment or take out private medical cover. I know many people who do not take out private cover and seem to think that if they become ill and need treatment they will just move back to the UK - in my opinion, this is madness! You may not be well enough to travel and the uk are unlikely to treat you - you would be covered if something happened to you while you were back visiting the uk but not for an illness that you already have. I know it really goes against the grain to have to pay for medical insurance when we still live in Europe and many us have paid NI contributions in the UK for as much as 35 years but thats unfortunately, a price we have to pay!! There is some legislation being discussed at the moment about cross border healthcare and being able to choose where you are treated - lets hope this helps many of us in the same situation.


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Posted by Anne H-711071 - 8 years ago

We too are trying to get an E106 residual form. Is anybody able to help? We are retired but not of retirement age & not working.