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Easy jet flights

Posted by anne3-681930 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by T and P-669409 - 9 years ago

My Hubby and I flew back to the UK for Christmas with Easyjet, and had no problems at all, and it was literally half the price we were quoted by other airlines, but we did book it in March. We paid extra for speedy boarding which I would do again, even though we didn`t scrum with the rest for the extra legroom seats.

For the price I think Easyjet do a great job. I would use them again.

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 9 years ago

on the 20/12/09 was booked on thompson flight . paphos to manchester , m/c airport closed due to snow , thompson put all the passengers in a 5 star hotel with meals for free . where as easy passengers were sent away with nothing , be carefull .

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 9 years ago

As with all things - you pay your money and take your choice. Don't expect EasyJet, as a 'no frills' airline to provide the same service as full fare services. If it did then it would not be a 'no frills' airline!!

Their planes are new, clean, modern and safe - but all the 'frills' will be added to the total cost of your journey in the end - checked in baggage, food, drink and you'll not be allocated a seat. To me these 'frills' are essentials, so I rarely travel EasyJet unless I have to.

I have used Thomas Cook, Thomson and First Choice for cheap flights to UK - Monarch being my favourite - but there again, if you want extra leg room etc you pay extra for it.

When I can get a good deal I use Cyprus Airways - and despite others' comments I have never had anything other than a very smooth experience with Cyprus Airways. My only problem with them is trying to get reasonably priced fares - does anyone have a 'secret' way of getting a decent deal from Cyprus Airways?? I'd love to know of it - it always seems so hit and miss and usually ends up being more expensive than I would like - but I do like my all included essentials!!!!!!

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

It's often possible to get extremely good deals with scheduled airlines; prices that match the cheap no frills airlines - yet offer much more comfort, service etc.

I've never paid even half the figure Limassol T quotes for Cyprus Airways return tickets; and the flights have always been spot on time.

I have tried using Thomson, Thomas Cook, Globespan (in its day) Monarch etc. etc. for business trips out of Cyprus but have in general found those flights (especially in the 'tourist' or 'popular' seasons) an absolute nightmare.

Raucous ill-mannered passengers; indifferent (at best) staff; never a flight on time. Absolutely awful departure and arrival times.

And a 40 euro return flight with the 'cheapos' often turns out to be over euros150 with taxes, baggage etc. A figure I never pay on a scheduled flight! Then there's the fact of transport at the other end. When you fly into a 'field' you have to pay to get anywhere near civilisation.

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Posted by jamsg-662390 - 9 years ago

My family and I have travelled many, many times with easyjet for many years to many destinations. They are wonderful, there are a few who think differently, that's the idiots you see on tv!!!! You buy a ticket on a no frills air line but you get full air security and more than qualified staff. ok you pay for food and drink but you've got a cheap ticket. Yes a cheap ticket with an expensive security around you. You can pay for an expensive ticket and still get the same expensive security around you. How much money do you have to spend?

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Posted by Aase - 9 years ago

I have flown Easyjet many times and have never had any problems! Unless the flight is packed, which it rarely is, there are always seats and no need to rush to be the first one on the plane unless you travel in a big group and want to sit together!

Cyprus Airways do of course offer numbered seats and food and if you can get a good deal then that's the best option. If you can't then go by Easyjet

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Posted by sfield1023 - 9 years ago

dont do it,i got aggressive passengers when trying to board with a priority ticket,and basically this is the trash of the air. you cannot book your seat, which causes aggression and friction, go with an airline that knows what it is doing, air cyprus,plesant hostess staff, and you dont get people running for the best seats, it is all done proffessionally,hope this helps,si

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Posted by JCGX-689138 - 9 years ago

Easyjet is a no frills air line and that's what you pay for. We've used them many times and have never had any trouble, nothing but courtesy. But then I think the staff must have to put up with a lot. You always get back what you give. If you want to do lots of travelling and watch the pennies there's no better choice than Easyjet. Their success speaks louder than words.

Have a great trip.

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

I used Easyjet once. Gatwick-Edinburgh return.

I had to pay to check in my one piece of luggage, but worse still, after queueing to check in while the employee nattered for ages to one customer, I had to go and queue again to pay for the luggage and then back to the check in. The staff had an extremely casual attitude and were in no hurry.

This was difficult for me as my back plays up if I have to stand for a time. When we landed back at Gatwick, we had to disembark on the tarmac (to save money I suppose) and then walk for what seemed miles along corridors. For anyone very ood or not very fit, this would have been a real problem.

When we took off from Gatwick, it was very bumpy and quite scary (I suppose to save fuel with a rapid ascent).

Apart from all that, the flight itself was fine and of course very cheap.

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Posted by Limassol T - 9 years ago

We have recently flown to Uk and back with Easy jet and can tell you the following:-

1. The planes were brand new. They unfortunately didnt have tv screens on them, although i know some of them have, The flights were on time (as opposed to the guaranteed 45 min delay of Cyprus airways) and the staff were polite, friendly and helpful.

By way of balance, I would also state that the main downside is the luggage issue- they are very stringent on the weight issue of maximum 20kgs allowance per person, and also one bag each taken in to the cabin. And of course there is no food or drink for free.

BUT, if you compare the prices- eg we recently looked at prices, and Cy Airways was €260 + for a ticket, and Easy Jet worked out at about €90 return for the same time period, then frankly you have to ask whether you want to pay 170 euros for food, drink and a tv??? Of course we all like the more luxurious flights, but the cost we feel is just too prohibitive, especially when you have a family.

And of course you can easily book on line, check in online, and actually use a carrier designed for the 21st century.