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Posted by Damien-704573 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by paul 008 - 8 years ago

Listen to Spike, what ever he has said on this string is 1000 percent true.

It aint easy over here.



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Posted by spike10,000 - 8 years ago

nothing ventured nothing gained no but but a lot to loose if he has ajob and alce to live in the uk.

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Posted by Peter Walsh - 8 years ago

Hi Damien

my husband has worked has head electricain in hotel for over 2yrs very happy and not bad pay echo ed-man dont be put off nothing ventured nothing gained and next year they will be looking for another electricain so there are jobs around good luck

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Posted by spike10,000 - 8 years ago

dont want to be negative 1 small village is hardly a barometer of the scale of

of people jumping ship but my friend has built a very profitable removal bussiness on the back of people leaving cyprus fact.

obviously the esimator gets to talk to the people going back so he has first hand knowledge of the problems and the reasons for there departure,

with the elderly its want to see more of the family or health issues.

with the 30 to 50 brigade its cant earn a livein.,from the people who sold ' there property.paid to have all there wordly goods shipped over p ut there kids into private school haveing to take out health insurance, buy the overpriced car

then not being able to earn a liveing have blown alot of money its an expencive holiday,i dont think i am giveing a hard time its just my point of view,

its not sour grapes i sold a few propertys in engaland at a very good profit

then bought and sold afew here for an even better profit so i have done very well and love liveing here if every body said it was rosy here would come here with out think i am just helping him to think

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

Elsewhere on this website I read of British people here working for 3 euros an hour. Very sad.

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Posted by DavyP - 8 years ago

Spike.....there are 135 expats in my small village....1 has moved back due to no work.....1 has died....1 is moving back because her husband died.....hardly leaving in droves.....

There were quite a few down Paphos way jumping ship as knee jerk reaction to the fall in the euro which has since rallied slightly.......give the man a break...we should be supporting him that he wants to join the expat community however large or small it is.....

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Posted by spike10,000 - 8 years ago

i think youll find 60,000 expats here,was a figure from a few yrs ago there is not that amount now they have moved back in there droves the vast majority of that population left are retired people not successful buissnes of proffesionals.

to quote del boy who dares wins he never did he was always chaseing a penny.

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Posted by Ed man - 8 years ago

Hi Damien

I'd echo davyp's comments. Yes it can be hard and everyone knows someone who failed to settle here(my father in law tried to talk my mrs out of moving out here with me because he knew of people who had "tried" and failed) but remember for every "failure" there are countless success stories, that's why there are over 60,000 ex pats here. Do your research, rent initially and give it a go......... Nothing ventured nothing gained!

Best of luck


p.s. To quote Del Trotter.. "He who dares wins"

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Posted by DavyP - 8 years ago

Damien, don't be put off by some of the harsh quotes above. In truth it will be very hard to get a job with a Cypriot electrician, however going self employed, advertising well and being reliable is probably the way froward if you were to take the leap. I run my own property maintenance business and all my jobs are through word of mouth due to being a reliable and a QUALIFIED air con engineer.....believe me most ex-pats want an English speaker who knows what they are doing...I have been to some horror houses electrics wise....including one wired entirely in red single core wire. Cyprus is very much still in the who you know society when it comes to getting works passed by the appropriate authorities.

Good Luck mate and if you make the jump them email me on here as I occassionally need a good leccy.


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Posted by HProv - 8 years ago

Hi Damian,

I for one would always use an english electrician. When I moved into my house (and it is a new build) my electrics were terrible, thankfuly got them sorted now.

You could go self employed as there is a demand for quality electricians here, you would get work if you built up a good rep with the ex pat community, you would need to be willing to travel around the island.

Good luck