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fed up

Posted by lippy56 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Helen38 - 8 years ago

Hello all

I have lots of friends from all over the world. What I noticed... they people that make the effort to learn the language of the country they are living makes their lives much easier and happy. The people they dent to see the positive things and be grateful of the good things happening in their lifes are much happier and live longer fullfilling lifes. Why concentrate in the negatives? Take the job and be grateful you found one at those times. Be positive and something better will come.

I am also wondering... Why all these people who complain about their lifes in Cyprus is not good not good money etc I heard a lot dont just get back to their country? Ok they came and it doesnt work out go to stuck here and be misserable. Or if you stay start enjoying the life here. If you only new how many good things your are missing out because of the language barrier.

And another thing I will agree with Achilleas, the language is Greek and most people speak without using the dialect. And here is Cyprus not England or France or anythign else. Thats why you came here!

Thank you

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Posted by HProv - 8 years ago

Your right about the three euros an hour, they are having a laugh, the minimum wage was set at 5.50 euros last year, its only a matter of time before somebody takes action reckless employers.

Good luck with the search for work and well done for learning some greek its a difficult language.

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Posted by danielhoward - 8 years ago

the official languages of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish.

The dialects are the same as Cockney, Scouse, Geordie, Scots, etc.

In regards to care work, there isn't the demand for skilled carers - there's enough Sri Lankans willing to work for €10 a day so there's very little need for €10+ per hour.

And in regards to finding 'a little job' - many companies (even restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels etc.) will want someone for full time work. You'd be extremely lucky to find something for just a few days per week.

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Posted by achilleas - 8 years ago

I am sorry, but the language of Cyprus is Greek - the same Greek is taught here as it is taught in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and all over Greece.

Just as Thessaloniki and Crete have dialects different from Athens, so does Cyprus.

If you know Greek, then EVERY Greek speaker in Cyprus will understand you and you will understand most of what they say. If you learn some of the Cypriot dialect words, then you will get by even better.

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 8 years ago

Hi Babs

I so agree with you and I don't know why that post keeps appearing. I've been here 20 years and learned Greek. Not a prob. I can speak it and read it.

BUT THEY DONT SPEAK GREEK HERE, THEY SPEAK A DIALECT. I was speaking to some Turkish-Cypriot people and they say it's the same up there - they don't speak Turkish, but a dialect. It is impenetrable.

So even if you bust your head and learn Greek, it will do you no good, for everyone speaks dialect.

Example. Greek word for DOG ... skilos

Plural skilakia (little dogs) Cypriot schilouthkia.

By the way my husband is Cypriot - very clever and been unemployed for ages.

I'm afraid brits looking for casual work will be undercut by people from very poor countries who will work for nothing. It's really best to check before coming here. Blessings to you all anyway - I really hope it works out.

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Posted by lippy56 - 8 years ago

thanks for your views ...i will keep on trying and trying its just as its came as a bit of a shock im 54 and have never been out of work ........have worked in care for 20 years but at the end of the day i dont care what i do ......i take on board the 3 euros an hour ..anyway thanks again ps i do speak a little greek enough to get by on

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Posted by danielhoward - 8 years ago

1- the average wage for Cyprus (last I heard) was about €850 pcm. working on a regular 60hour week (what many people I know work) that's 240 hours per month...works out as around 3.50 per hour. ESPECIALLY since Paphos' main industry it tourism, lots of people willing to work long hard hours for low money.

2- I don't speak Greek fluently. I know basic phrases, and this has got me a long way. I'm learning more, and hope to get more work in the future, but until then, I know I'll be passed over for many of the jobs as I can only speak 1 language.

3- July is peak for tourism season job-hunting. I came over in February, and my OH in January to get our jobs. We were quite lucky too, they're both year-round ones. but, we got them as we were willing (and still are) to work long hours, for low money.

the old adage 'a job is easier to find when you're employed' is very true. all the work I've done here has come through word of mouth.

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Posted by spike10,000 - 8 years ago

been here since july and still hasnt got a job,didnt think it would be so hard.

not thinking and doing research has been a lot of peoples down fall known people to spend 18 months doing all there saveings then have to go back

with only holes in there pockets and a lovely suntan if you get offered 3eoros grab it with both hands or your be going home with holes in your pocket.

the eastern europeans are working for that and the poor asians for a lot less.

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Posted by achilleas - 8 years ago

It is not patronising ... people on here have complained that Cypriots do not speak English. People come over here and expect to speak English only, not learn Greek and get highly paid jobs in tourist towns with Cypriot companies - it just aint gonna happen.

They don't want to "chill" they want to work and get misled about what Cyprus is and is not and then complain when things do not go their way.

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Posted by Rosie S - 8 years ago

I consider myself lucky as I prearranged employment before coming out. That was after a fact finding weeks holiday 6 years ago past June. I have been in fulltime employment apart for 2 weeks, this was when I was made redundant after almost 3 years employment with a developer. My second job came to me!

I have since been working in the leisure industry which could arguably be classed as seasonal. I am in the Protaras area and it is a seasonal resort but there is a large expat community here who need year round services. I have worked for a Cypriot and used my basic knowledge of pigeion Greek where possible to have to communicate is the best way forward in picking up conversational Greek, however most locals insist on replying in English which can be frustrating!

I now work in a prodominantly english environment but have more and more contact with Cypriots, yes I can struggle at times but with humour and a smile I usually get there in the end. Most Cypriots appreciate the effort and a little knowledge and pigeon english to get what I need to say across, however it is not necessary in my line of work but I attempt to speak Greek as a mark of respect and to intergrate as much as possible.

Its not all doom and gloom, and yes an open mind makes a big difference.

It is difficult here and I do wish you luck in the future.