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Fed up with inconsiderate neighbours

Posted by willipup - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by lime-676998 - 8 years ago

I completely agree with kazanddave. Generally speaking, public roads are called public because anyone can use them and it is not fair or reasonable to demand that no one but you can use it (for parking or otherwise). The only real exception - parts of road opposite driveways - you can call police and ask for the vehicle to be removed if it blocks your driveway.

Of course, it is a common courtesy not to park somewhere if you have been asked not to. Again, nothing stops your friends or doctors from using the space outside of their property to park.

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Posted by Chanchi - 8 years ago

Can you not just park over your drive on the road at least you could move it when you had people over so they could park in your driveway? not meaning to sound rude but doesn't your partner say anything to them?

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Posted by cosmicpulsar - 8 years ago

Try phoning - 1460 ( POLIDES ) - and explain the problems you are having. They may be able to do something for you.

Its a help line.

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Posted by Tang-662317 - 8 years ago

I really don't think the nationality of the parking offenders has anything to do with this. I am sure you'd be just as put out if it were Brits or anyone else who were blocking your drive. Are they blocking your access to the extent that you cannot get your own car in and out of your own drive? Or is it that you just don't want them parked outside your place or opposite your place where you can see them?

If they only come over every few months, I'd be inclined to say just put up with it knowing they will be gone soon. I live where the communal pool and surrounding area turns into a noisy mayhem for about 6 weeks of the year during high season when all the absentee owners, their friends or anyone they've rented out to come over for their holidays. I just keep in mind that they will all be gone soon and peace and order will be restored and back to normal where you hardly see or hear another soul!

You've already complained 'indirectly' by leaving notes and unwilling to speak to them as you seem convinced that if you DO speak to them face to face, it will result in aggression or unpleasantness and (understandably) want to avoid this. So I am not really sure what you expect people to advise? If the current situation upsets you, I think you will only dread their future arrivals even more if when they were here last it degenerated into nastiness.

Do what I do - try to look on the bright side - you get to enjoy living in Cyprus all year round - they only get to be here occasionally.

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Posted by willipup - 8 years ago

It's sad there's a lot of cases like this. Our other neighbours don't allow anyone to stop outside their home (or opposite) otherwise they just shout and swear at them, although at least they don't block us and understand our situation.

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Posted by willipup - 8 years ago

Thanks for that last message. It's sad that there are a lot of people out there that do this. We actually used to use a cone but they just kept moving it. If I wasn't pregnant I would honestly just go and speak with them again as a last resort but I honestly don't feel I have the strength as I know they'll just act agressively. They do know our situation. It's just a case of everyone hoping they leave soon as they just don't care.

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Posted by bill&eva - 8 years ago

I have the same problem but it's a Turkish Cypriot who parks his bus across folks drive ways .

the guy thinks he owns the street ~~ mind you he probaly did 35 years ago ~ but it doesn't give him the right to block everybody's access .

Even the Turkish Cypriot guy can't beat the English Cypriot living next door to one of my wifes friends ~ when we visit my wifes friend and I park outside her house the guy next door comes out to complain that I'm taking his parking place.


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Posted by thisislondon - 8 years ago

How inconsiderate of them to do this knowing you have personal situations at home. I think the best way is to go directly to their house and being as kind as possible, tell them that in the next few months, your mother will be having a lot of medical staff coming to visit and also in and out appointments, you would like to ask them if it is ok for them to leave the parking space in discussion empty for them, ask them if it is not possible if you instead could use their parking space as you had notice it is usually empty. Tell them that you are really sorry to bother them with this request but you would really appreciate if they can kindly collaborate due to the circunstances. If this doesnt work and they give you a dumb excuse, I would advise you to put a cone or 'reserved' space' sign or something like it, of couse it is not common courtesy but if they cant be bother to be courteus, why would you??

One neighbour had this rude behaviour to park his car out there leaving plenty of space in between as if he was driving a strech limo, for a couple of months, I heard other neighbours complaining, but never telling in his face. I dont have car so I guess somebody got really fed up and started to dump garbage and other liquids like honey, oil on his car until he finally understood, so he now park his car in his driveway.

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Posted by willipup - 8 years ago

Sorry forgot to add before that their driveway can easily fit 4-5 cars and only an end part is used as storage. The rest is empty and unused. The road isn't a busy one over filled with cars and everyone else on the street makes sure they park so as not to block or cause difficulties to other people

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Posted by willipup - 8 years ago

Hi there thanks for the reply. I guess you are right. They've not really shown any courtesy to anyone on the road and have often parked and blocked our entrance, as well as other neighbours entrances.

When I left the note in the morning, I had already left the house and wasn't on our road to stop and speak to them. I was on the main road which is two roads over and couldn't stop (the house is on a parallel-off road). Plus I'm wondering now if there was even any point as they have been told many times before (we asked once for them to move the car to be able to get my mum our of the house and they refused saying the driver of the car was sleeping).