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Feedback from Lidl shopping experience open topic

Posted by cyprus-dodger - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by cyprus-dodger - 8 years ago

I visited Lidl Larnaca myself on Saturday, yes it was busy and people seemed to be enjoying the experience and filling the trolly.

Although I only picked up a few bits my overall opinion was yes many of the products were nice and cheap, disappointed not to see more German products, lots of local suppliers seemed to be present, the range was not so impressive as I antisipated.

If I needed to stock my larder and fridge from scratch I do not think Lidl would be able to fulfill my requirements, lots of gaps in product range.

Certainly shopping at Lidl for the products on offer are an advantage price wise over the known supermakets and they will surely knock a big hole in the big 2's takings who have stitched us all up for far too long.

Overall great to have you in Cyprus Lidl.


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Posted by paolodacipro-667925 - 8 years ago

Testing Lidl food:

I have to admit that now Lidl products have gone up to a better quality standard, here's something not to miss:



Please leave also your opinion on Lidl food taste and other stuff.

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Posted by tikka-664777 - 8 years ago

Lidl mania seems to have swept over Cyprus, as I was at a party this evening & evryone was talking about it! I myself have not as yet shopped there, but was intrigued by an interesting comment from someone who was lucky enough to have visited both the Limassol & Larnace shops. They claim that the prices in Larnace are much cheaper than those in of the prices in the Limassol branch!!

Might be a bit early to tell yet, but can anyone else confirm this? & if so, why would they do this??

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Posted by bill&eva - 8 years ago

today you could have had Carrefour all to your self ~ it was virtually empty .

All the customers had gone to Lidl ~~~~ including me and I must say it was a very positive experience .

I recon we saved around €80 by shopping at lidl ~ the wife was well pleased


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Posted by skouf - 8 years ago

I'll skip the chaos and stick to carrefour thanks. i can find parking, i can get a trolley and i don't have to wait forever in a line up.

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Posted by mummyof4 - 8 years ago

I went to Limassol on Friday morning at 8.00, yes it was busy but I got parked and in the shop after 10 mins.

I few things I got I have listed;

frozen prawns 4.99

frozen cheese pies 2.99

pack of 3 thin pizzas 1.99

fresh 12 eggs 1.99

strawberry jam 450 grams 1.49

tin sweet corn 0.59

shortbread 1.19

kitchen roll big 1.89

yoghurts 250 grams 0.29 normally 0.58

wine was fab, sampled both bottles which was a red and rose both 2.99.

I have 4 children to shop for, will be going back for sure.

The only thing was that someone pinched my trolley while i was unloading my shopping.

Although 2 people helped carry my bags to the car, so thumbs up.

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Posted by VinnyC-673555 - 8 years ago

5 past 8 Saturday morning and I just passed Lidl in Limassol, the car park was full and the POLICE are controling traffic. The cars go out to the main road and down past the Keo factory.


I do hope they sustain their prices unlike careefour, they were very cheap but gradually they have moved their prices to what they call "acceptable within the market"

Time will tell.

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Posted by Anna007 - 8 years ago

Had great fun in the queues! Good to see the ''pushing in'' hasn't gone yet and the Cypriots are starting to tell those that do, off!!
Tried to go to the Larnaca one, tail back of traffic on Dekalia road made us go to back streets and park on someone's plot of land,,,oh how I love Cyprus! People were waiting outside the door having planned a family outing to Lidls!!Were given free drinks in Larnaca queue by all distributers as waited for too long, so definitely can recommend the drinks!Phone call from friend in Aradipou said no queues there and on second visit...so left and went there.
Best bargains for us were the cheese and honey as cheaper in UK, now same in Lidls here. Also cat food foils only 29 cents.
As usual Lidl standards with good tasting foods for cheap price. As my involvement with Animals I did boycott anything Chinese which was very little.
Must say much cleaner than UK and definitely caused chaos for the staff who did really well and great to see this is fantastic improvement for Cyprus as a whole.. we went to Stelios in Livadia who also had queues at the door on the same day because Stelios has great offers too and is on par with Lidls in some items..so competition is good.
As to buying up on the bread makers and blood pressure pads..there should be a limit because Lidls do only have a certain number of goodies..once gone they don't usually appear again..a bit like Discount 10 who will also now have run for their money..but do a great job too.
Already the post man has sent out leaflets for 11th Nov goodies to look forward to in Lidls. Great bargains...Happy Shopping:

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Posted by paolodacipro-667925 - 8 years ago

Hi all, we shopped today at 7:00 pm at Lidl Aradippou, great time to shop: no much people at that time and unbelievable some free parking spaces. I have seen in Lidl Cyprus a Lidl Greece or a Lidl Italy, same standards and very similar foods and prices.

So nothing new but the same well-organization of Lidls of Europe.

Prices: where very good for many products (of Cyprus-unknow makes) and we spend 100 euros wheres in another Cyprus supermarket for the same food we would have spent min 140...

Quality: Tried parma ham, green olives (the ones without bone) and pizzas with salami tonight: VERY VERY NICE!

Beer: ok do not expect a Carlberg or Keo but still very drinkable.

Fresh French baguette: DELICIOUS!

In the following days I will inform you about the other stuff that I bought...hoping not to put so much weight on LOL.

So a very warm welcome to Lidl hoping they will always keep the same prices and have success so to open more stores. (20 stores will be open in Total in Cyprus a Lidl manager told me)


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Posted by 5vrgs - 8 years ago

We've been a tad sceptical as to whether Lidl will be a worthwhile addition to Cyprus supermarkets .... franchises that do open here tend to be overpriced! But Lidl has been a great surprise! We braved the Aradippou store in Larnaca at 9am on opening day, managed to find parking quite quickly (the car park was full!) and loved the festive atmosphere! Not being able to find a trolley was a disappointment, but we thought we'd grab a basket ... NOT! So we could only buy what we could carry!
The shop is really nicely laid out, products are nicely packed and clearly priced. The quality of products was also really good, and prices were highly competitive on the whole! I definitely will be visiting Lidl again.
The 35 minute wait in the que was not unpleasant, and I don't think it will be a regular thing. Having to buy a shopping bag was a bit of a shock ... but I am so happy that Lidl is making an effort to encourage folk to be 'Green'.
The plate of snack food and drinks available outside were a real treat and helped make the whole experience really enjoyable! Am looking forward to going back - I see some of the items I bought yesterday will be reduced in price from next week!!!