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flights to Uk july

Posted by journopro - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by journopro - 9 years ago

thanks for all your help :)

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Posted by christineisinthesun - 9 years ago


I like to use flight warehouse their email address is mail@flightwarehouse.net I deal with Mike and you can get him on 22870498. They are advertising flights to the UK in June at present so call him and tell him what you want and he'll keep in contact and tell you what offers he has when he has them. Almost certainly though, flights get more expensive the nearer you get, but Mike is a good option.

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hi Journopro,

I always use www.skyscanner.net it's a screen scraper site that looks at most of the airlines websites and booking systems (It's a bit like the car insurance websites that compare insurance quotes) The site takes a bit of getting used to to find all its features so take some time to play around with the search, settings and calendar.

Here is a copy of a my post in answer to a similar question in 2007. The information is still valid over three years on.

_________________________________________________ Some Tips:It's worth looking at single trips as well as returns. EG: Single from Paphos to Birmingham. Then looking for a single back. It may not be on the same airline but you can save even more of your hard earned cash. During peak periods when flights from and to Cyprus are like buses, look at several flights from the same airport.Last August I booked flights for my parents, not to Cyprus but the same still applies, dad flew on the 9:25, mum on the 9:55 to New York. They saved over £200 on the deal. Compared to them both flying on the same plane. Dad had picked up the hire car at JFK by the time mum had cleared customs, she felt like a VIP, car drawing up by the terminal exit to collect her.If you're a family travelling - say two adults two children - again look to split the flights. Dad plus one child on one flight, mum and child two on the other. You have a better chance of finding two cheap tickets on one flight than four.Get several quotes on-line from the various sites. If they have the same flights listed then play one off against the other. The site operators have booking helpline telephone numbers, give them a call and say I'll book with you if you can beat this price offered by "xyz ticket bucket" It does work. I've just had £14 taken off the on-line quoted price of my tickets for Paphos to Birmingham next month.If you are booking in the UK watch out for the dreaded 0870 phone numbers. You're likely to be charged at anything from 8p per minute upwards. Look at their website contact details it may say something like "Booking line 0870 123 123 123" If calling from outside the UK "Booking line +44 (0) 0207 123 123 123" Use the latter it will be much cheaper.The best deal I've had so far was last November. £56 from Cyprus to Birmingham and then 13 days later, during the start of Christmas peak prices, £59 back. Different airlines each way, but hey £115 including airport taxes, fuel surcharges and that also included £6 extra eachway for meals too, so I can't complain. Have a good meal before you leave and save another £12!In the last two years, even at peak time, holiday high season and Christmas, the most I've paid for a round trip is £159 including all surcharges, taxes, meals etc. Those flights were on the 23rd December and New Years Day!Written like this it may seem a lot of hard work but, believe me, it isn't. Once you get to know the various site layouts and how they work you should be able to beat the price down even more. My tickets for next months flights were searched for, bartered and booked in just under 30 minutes. Approx saving £75.00 Not bad for half an hours work.The secret is be flexible.So here are the sites I use.ttp://www.justtheflight.co.uk/index.asp http://www.travelrepublic.co.uk/default.aspxhttp://www.skyscanner.net/


Hope this helps


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Posted by ade-661265 - 9 years ago

Hi try flight warehouse they do special offers ,I got one last year very cheap

Good luck

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Posted by CMJG2010-694268 - 9 years ago

Hi there

Check www.skyplanner.co.uk they'll give you the best option. The earlier you book the better price. I caught two flights last week taking me onto Scotland. The scottish flight cost me £26.00 on the day it was £156.00. It definitely pays to book in advance. Good luck.

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Posted by Graham S - 9 years ago

Sorry - should have added, book as early as you can as the prices go up the nearer you get to departure,

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Posted by Graham S - 9 years ago

We always use Monarch from Larnaca - good service, reasonable prices as long as you can be fairly flexible over your dates and pick up the bargain rates.