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Getting home to the UK

Posted by DaveLewis - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by SECRETVALLEY-689949 - 9 years ago


Friend of ours is flying to vienna on thursday from here and then hire car to Brussels!!!!!!!!!!

Have you heard hotel prices have shot up to 500 euros per night and there is empty hotels like jasmine hotel apartments in limassol available for anyone who needs a hotel room!

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Posted by sunny30 - 9 years ago

Unfortunate for all travellers but fantastic for hotel owners. Just read that Golden Bay & Sandy Beach Hotels are fully booked.

There are still flights into Athens. So like the others said, this would be a good way out. Then get a train or coach. Will be exhausting for some but look at it as an adventure! I would!

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

You can get to Greece by Air or sea, then you have the option of train....or coach!

You can also get to Italy by sea, then take a train or coach.

Another alternative is to fly to Syria and go by train - but you'd have to go through Turkey.

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Posted by Alexia K - 9 years ago

Hello Dave,

you could travel with Aegean Airlines or Olympic airlines to Athens (as Cyprus airways fully booked) and then get the eurostar. Check out www.seat61.com

From Athens to London with the eurostar it will take you approximetly two days.

Good luck and all the best


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Posted by paul 008 - 9 years ago

Hi Dave

I take it you are on a short stay visit over here. Unfortunatley for you, there is a good possability it will another week before you go home. The reason why I say this is? we look after apartments over here and we have guests living in our places, and thats the feed back we are getting back from them, and looking at Sky news. there are flights going to Europe (which will cost a arm and a leg) and then you will have to travel by land.

Im sorry for the bad news but no one could predict this would happen.

Good luck in this very difficult situation.

Kind Regards