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Posted by minx333 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by HProv - 8 years ago

Emilyrose is correct clothes are expensive so make sure you come equiped with all the latest clothing, I shop on line or wait till I am visiting UK. I have been here with my family for 3 years and love it here. If you have children schooling is expensive. I have been employed since I arrived, but you will not get UK wages here.

Food is also expenensive but if you cook from scratch and dont rely on frozen then its manageble depends what your looking for.

I wish you all the best


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Posted by emilyrose-705919 - 8 years ago

I agree with the last two entries, come over for a trial period. New on the home-front is the rumour of free greek lessons from governmental agencies although I stress it is only a rumour). Otherwise you can attend evening classes that are also run by the government for a nominal fee. Shamefully although my husband is Cypriot I still cannot converse in Greek, it is a very difficult language to learn. I have lived here for ten years and it's getting harder. As long as you are an EU citizen you will be able to work here, but as in everything check with immigration. Work here is very ahrd to find and if you are female, very pourly paid. Yes there are some English companies but they are not particularly well paid. Health care is available at the General Hospital, a small registration fee at the first visit and then an even smaller one at every consequent viit ( around Euro 1.5-2.0) for every doctor you wish to see, unlike the UK you don't need to be referred by a GP. Renting can be expensive depending on where you want to live and then, if it is a complex, you have to look out for how much the annual common costs are, which can be in the region or 3 figures. Private health is not as expensive as the UK and you don't really have to get insurance, just pay as you go (that's what I do). Cars are ridiculously expensive, but then it's been ten years since I've lived in the UK. On the other hand most other things are cheaper, except food and especially clothes. so, think hard before you burn any bridges. Life here can be hard.

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Posted by harare24 - 8 years ago

Don't get me wrong it is great living here but it is hard. If you can get a job great, as it is very hard to get one now. I know a lot of people going back especially with children. It is best to let people know it is not the same as coming here for a holiday. You must do your research on everything.

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Posted by Isla_S-701936 - 8 years ago

me and my family moved from the uk 3 weeks ago, and its the best thing we could have done!
everyone is different with their opinions, you will get good and bad no matter what you ask!
best thing to do is to sell up, book a couple of weeks accom ( we got a great deal through Olympic ) - look everywhere - if you dont already know where you want to be and just do it!
Don't let people taint your dream - worst case scenario is that its not for you and go back to the uk - not that terrible really is it? - although cant see us going back!
our new neighbours are lovely - in the last 7yrs in the uk we have never once been invited for lunch - within 10 days of arriving in our new home we were round having lunch!
people should remember what they have here - if they dont like it then go back to the uk - it might not be easy but when you have the weather - other 'small' things seem silly!
when it comes to cars - there are loads at decent prices - dont forget they dont rust over here and seem to last forever!
we found we were 'sabotaged' loads by friends, family and strangers - its called jealousy - its your life, give it a go, as in 20 yrs you will lokk back and regret not coming!
all the very best and if you want to email - please do!!!

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Posted by achilleas - 8 years ago

Yes you can work in Cyprus, but remember that the language of Cyprus is GREEK and not English, so unless you are prepared to learn Greek, then you will only get lower paid normally tourist related jobs. There are some companies that want English speakers, but those jobs are few and far between.

New cars are no where near as expensive as others have said here - anything under 1600cc is reasonable and from what I see in the UK, comparable prices. Second-hand cars are more expensive here than in the UK, but if you look around, then you will find bargains.

You will be able to get healthcare here - its like the NHS at the hospitals here and you can wait a while. there are private doctors and pharmacies if you want. Private medical healthcare varies depending on what you want.

As far as jobs go, Larnaca, Famagusta and Paphos have mainly tourist related jobs. Limassol and Nicosia are the more business communities.

Hope that helps

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 8 years ago

I'll take a slight issue with loadsatime on the car front. Yes, anything above 1600cc does get expensive here. New car prices seem to be falling and are now not that much more than UK prices whereas once they were silly BUT agreed second hand prices are still ludicrous and sometimes 4 yr old cars are being sold for almost the same price as new ones! I think that owners know what they bought them for but are not taking into account the new prices. Hopefully once those who bought at the current new prices try and sell the prices of used will fall and come in step and sadly those who bought at higher prices will find they take a bigger hit. Jobs ARE available but you do really need Greek to stand much hope. As elsewhere in the EU unemployment is high here and obviously Greek is the local language NOT english as many seem to think!! I managed to get myself a part time job paying 8 euros an hour without a knowledge of Greek though I do have to say that I seriously wish that I did have Greek under my belt!! DO make sure that you do your homework properly before deciding to move and to be honest do not even consider moving unless you have work and accomodation sorted out first - in other words plan a trial visit to get sorted - like an extended holiday - and then decide. Summer in particular (August) is not to everyone's cup of tea as the relentless sun bearing down day after day does become very wearisome after a while!! We've only had 7 days on which some rain fell since April this year - and probably no more than 14 cloudy days!! Temperatures now, getting to the end of October, are still nearly 30 degrees. Still, it IS a lovely place to be!!

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Posted by loadsatime-678473 - 8 years ago

Sorry but have to offer an alternative view :::::::
regarding Cars for example Peugeot 4 year old costs 3-5 Grand Stirling in Uk, in cyprus 12-15 thousand EUros
yes between twelve and fifteen thousand euros.
A new key ignition key ( transponder) for a peugeot costs on average 115euros ( we have need of one and been looking)
Junk cars are around 1000 euros.
If you import a car there are fees and taxes on top of the ferry company charges. anything above 1600 cc becomes really expensive
Jobs! unles you speak Greek, no chance unless you are prepared to work for 2-3 euros an hours cleaning or caring.
health Insurance around minimum 200 euros a month....varies depending on what you have had in the past and how old you are.
If you have an EHIC card you can get treated as an emergency free of charge at the Government hospital.
Other charges may be made though.....varies.
Private visit to Drs around 35 euros for consultation, everything prescribed costs extra.
Places to rent vary from a single room for about 210 euros a month. upto 800euors plus.
If you wish to stay and be Legal and Register after the min 6 months, you will have to show proof of ability to support yourslef by having a job here in Cyprus, or Money in the Bank.....copies of statements required.
So give it a whole lot of thought before you make the decision to come her to live

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Posted by pdjy - 8 years ago

Hi Minx,

Its your choice if you want to bring the car,but cars are not that expensive to buy in Cyprus(depends model & year of manufacture)

You can stay and work in Cyprus if you are EU citizen.

Govt... Healthcare system is good in Cyprus but you need to have Medical card in order to get Free medical care from Govt hospitals(in order to get free medical card you must be working or self employe you have to have contribution in Social insurance)

Private doctors are expensive in Cyprus.

Place for living & renting depends where you work.Kato Polemedia is in Limassol but its bit expensive as compared to Pafos & Agia Napa areas.