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Help needed please!

Posted by Ernesettle - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by R&M-666296 - 9 years ago

As a (state) pensioner you get free health cover and it includes the pensioner's spouse. Medication though might have to be paid for. See this site:


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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hello Diane & Barry,

First of all you are doing the right thing in researching and asking questions. The next thing to do is more research and ask more questions ie don't rush into this. Moving in the UK is stressful, moving and travelling 2000+ miles could be even more so.

Okay that written here goes (in no particular order)

Have you visited Cyprus at different times of the year? If not then it's worth experiencing the seasons here.

Whatever you do RENT when you first come over here DON'T BUY. Get a feel of what it's like to live here visit as many towns and villages as possible. For example Paphos* may have given you some wonderful holidays here but could you live in Paphos* for 365 days a year as opposed to 14 days in a hotel? *substitute any well known Cypriot resort!

Once you've experienced the island for 12 months+ then consider buying in the place you feel most at home.

Health: You will need private medical insurance but you may be excluded from certain types of cover because of your pre-existing conditions. The medication you are on at the moment is likely to be available here but under a different name or manufacturer. You can research this online a good starting point is the product licence that will be somewhere on the packaging look for PL: 1234567 the number is a unique code for that drug and regardless of name or manufacturer if the number matches it's the same drug. Obviously check your requirements with your GP who may have the alternative names of the drugs you require.

Pets: You can bring them but if you are renting initially when you come here then your options will be limited as many rental properties don't allow pets. A minor setback but not insurmountable. Pet passports etc required. Once you've decided when you're coming transportation can be arranged and there are many posts on this site that covers what to do.

Once you're ready to buy (being positive here) don't be drawn in buy developers and all their promises. You must get independent advice, get everything in writing and double check everything. I'm not on commission for the next sentence... Check out Nigel Howarth's website it covers all aspects of buying property and the pitfalls http://www.cyprus-property-buyers.com/index.html

I think that's enough to be going on with from me. As ever more users will be along with information for you.

Keep asking questions on this site and things will become a little clearer.