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Help please - CytaVision | Router Problems

Posted by chris_cy - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by chris_cy - 9 years ago

@DrTraveller. Yeah I think PrimeTel maybe our option as Cablenet is not on our street although it appears to be on every other street around us according to their website.

The only slight problem I may have is....the wife!!! She loves E! Entertainment.... :-s

I notice this doesn't come on the PrimeTel package. Oh well, needs must.

We shall see what happens.

By the way, does PrimeTel come through the phone line and router the same as Cyta?

Do you think i'll be able to use my own Netgear router with the PrimeTel TV package?

Many thanks for all your replies

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Posted by DrTraveler - 9 years ago

Prime Tel is excelent. Both in terms of support and in terms of performance and pricing. They are not much cheaper than cyta but you get a lot more value for your money. I have the 4MBit line and I actually get full speed ALL the time.
I've heard excellent comments about Cablenet as well. But I've never used it since they are not in my area. A friend of mine uses primetel and cablenet ( he has 2 houses) he said Cablenet is better value for money.
Bottom line, either of these two companies is better than Cyta. I've switched away from Cyta 4 years ago and I will NEVER go back!.

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Posted by chris_cy - 9 years ago

Yeah I have seriously thought about that!

Does anyone have Cablenet or Prime Tel? Are they any better?

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Posted by CYsearch - 9 years ago

There is only one solution for you, and it is pretty easy and will save you a lot of time, headaches and agrivation. Change CYTA.

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Posted by mayfly-680571 - 9 years ago

We use the Cyta Thomson Router, attached through the LAN, THEN attached to the TP Link router, which boosts the wireless - so far so good... We truly went through 7 months of pain, with no positive help from the Cyta technicians, until our neighbour came up with this solution. I hate to think of other people struggling with the same problem that made our lives very difficult for so long....

best of luck again!

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Posted by B-Negative - 9 years ago

Hi there,

your Cyta vision will not work without the router supplied by Cyta. No way round it. If you are having problems contact them and keep doing so until its fixed.

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Posted by DrTraveler - 9 years ago

Cyta is horrible. Switch to any other service. If you can I would suggest cablenet, if they are not in your area then primetel. the new primetel modems are great and they just heavily discounted their prices by doubling the speed with no cost.

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Posted by mayfly-680571 - 9 years ago

Hi Chris,Oh dear, this sounds very familiar! We finally realised, after 7 months, that the Thomson router was the cause of our internet problems, and replaced it last week with a TP Link from a local shop...and we FINALLY have usable wireless connection.
With regard to TV, have you considered using a VPN? We use Lamnia, which means that we can watch all BBC TV, through BBC iplayer, plus ITV player, Channel 4, plus, loads of other channels through a facility called Zattoo. We learned about it through this forum, and it's absolutely BRILLIANT, assuming you have good internet speed.
It takes out the need to depend on Cyta for TV. Sadly, like you, we have had many convoluted discussions with Cyta over the last few months, and have not found progress easy...
This doesn't quite answer your question, but may give you an alternative to Cytavision... Good luck!

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

I have a Thomson modem/router and it works well - no problems. I think that the CYTAVISION service may be linked to the MAC address of the modem/router.
Cyta have also tested their service with the modem that they supply - they most likely will not guarantee a service with another modem.
I find that Cyta is useful if you can get past the first people who answer the phones - they are just part time. Try dialing 132 and following the options telling them that you have not had any luck and want to speak with a supervisor.