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Help please tourist annoyance

Posted by paul 008 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by emilyrose-705919 - 8 years ago

Just found that citizen line been here ten years and never heard of it. There are by-laws out here and the general rule of thumb in a residential area is 12 midnight no undue noise. If this persists then call the local police (26-806060 and ask for the officer in charge and their name and request that they should attend the complaint), they are usually very good.

If not ask the police to investigate as to whether the owners are sanctioned by the CTO as it is illegal to rent your property out to tourists unless you have a license. Unfortunately the CTO are so busy that they have been forced to turn a blind eye to unlicensed accommodation because of the difficulties in proving their case. It is also good if you complain to the local authority. It is also a good idea to put your complaint in writing stating who you spoke to and on how many occasions and keep writing. These people are nothing but a pain in the butt and the more people willing to come forward and stand up in court the better. Don't expect that the problem will disappear overnight but if you persist and stick to your guns the OWNERS will soon get the message that they are not immune to the law. Patricia

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Posted by VeronicaK - 8 years ago

The Citizens line is 71460

That puts you through to Nicosia who contact the local police who then HAVE TO respond immediately.