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heres a debate about trains in cyprus

Posted by middlesbroughfc-Nik09- - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by middlesbroughfc-Nik09- - 9 years ago

well i dont think i would feel safe knowing a nuclear powerplant is 70 klm away from my home cyprus should use the sun for energy ther is enough of it lol am sure if they made train station they could be partially powered by solar energy but imagine how easier life would be if they made train trasport in cyprus and liek you said they do it in other countrys so why not here .

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Posted by Devil-662132 - 9 years ago

It is hardly fair to compare the toytown express that ran between Famagusta and Morphou via Nicosia with what could be done today. I would be all in favour of a high-speed link between, at least, Nicosia-Larnaca-Limassol, able to carry goods and passengers (separate trains). It has to be faster than a car from door-to-door.

The stations would have to be outside the cities and there would have to be priority buses serving and meeting every passenger train from/to all the major quarters. These would be part of your train ticket. Adequate parking would also be a sine qua non. Long term: a metro system à la Bangkok

If it took the juggernauts off the motorway, for freight (container terminals separate from the passenger ones, eg to Limassol port), it would not be necessary to add the much discussed third lane on the motorway, which would cost almost as much as a rail infrastructure.

I suggest LCA-NSA stations in 10 minutes and LOL-NSA in 20 minutes would be doable.

It works in other countries, so why not here? The downside is that we would need a nuclear power station to ensure enough energy would be available, but this would be a good idea, anyway. See http://www.cypenv.info/cyprusee/files/electricity/nuclear_energy.aspx

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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

if it is going to help the environment, with less cars (carbon monoxide) on the roads then Im all for it.

BUT, ok so they build a railway from Paphos to Nicosia. How would one travel from the Nicosia station to their final point of destimantion? an over priced taxi?? Most people will say that its then cheaper to drive and pay their own petrol if that's the case.

They need to think about these things as well.

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Posted by middlesbroughfc-Nik09- - 9 years ago

i agree it would cost alot of money but i wouldnt say it would b impractical since so many people will be able 2 get jobs around cyprus and would take 45 mins from paphos 2 nicosia so it would defonatly be good for buisness men or even plain workers example, my cousin wanted 2 work in the powerstation in larnaka but its 2 far away 2 drive 2 everyday and back so someone like that would use train station also take football games you have alot people around cyprus who suport teams that are at teh other end of the island, these are all litle things but i think you add all the litle things up becomes bigger now am not saying its worth to make railway routes but i think it would be practical for alot of people

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Posted by Graham S - 9 years ago

The Cyprus Government Railway, which ran from 1905 to 1951, never turned in a single penny of profit, and there's no reason to suppose a new railway would do so either. There simply isn't the potential traffic. A rail route in the west of the island would be entirely impracticable; the civil engineering required would be, to say the least, challenging and would be astronomically expensive.

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

Not really. To get a track from Polis to Paphos would take too much work - they are trying to get the motorway to go to Polis, but they are having a very hard time of it - mainly due to the compensation they have to give to land owners and especially because of the terrain.
There are regular mini-buses running between all the cities that leave every hour.
Personally I do not think there is enough demand for a railway - there used to be in Cyprus, but it was stopped a long time ago.