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Hi to all

Posted by elizabeth carmen - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by TH-668388 - 8 years ago

Spike has a point though hundreds of people are looking for work.

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Posted by karenp43-667204 - 8 years ago

I agree totally Elizabeth. It is not just the job adverts, but even replying to a post for the sale of an item etc. People place posts and then do not even bother to say that the item has gome etc. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!lololol.

My mum says, "Matters and politeness cost nothing" and I agree. But we are not all the same. Life would be boring if we were, but a nicer one though.



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Posted by spike10,000 - 8 years ago

i know someone who had 350 applications for a job serving in a golf shop

he acctually interviewed 20 and informed the 19 that didnt get the job but to inform the other 330would have been costly and time consumeing.

fact of the world we areliveing in

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Posted by achilleas - 8 years ago

Funnily enough I asked a friend about this last week who works in an employment agency.

She said that in the past the number of applications per job was managable and they and most companies would reply back to all telling them yes or no.

Now, because of the recession, there are a lot more people applying for a lot less jobs and companies will only notify the people that will be called fro an interview - some put this on their vacancy ads as well.

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Posted by falcon-698521 - 8 years ago

yes I think the same, not just jobs even if you post a reply to a advert on a site people dont reply