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How to get from France to Cyprus

Posted by whatnext-692955 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Delboy625 - 9 years ago


All depends when you want to fly. The best option and actually quite often cheaper than the budget airlines via UK, as suggested by others, is to fly Cyp Air from Paris to Larnaca. I fly that route ever 2-3 weeks and never had any delays. Price varies (depending on month) between 360 and 430 Euro return.

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Posted by SuzyB-690793 - 9 years ago


I cant advise you on flights from France to Cyprus but last year we left France to go to Lebanon with our 2 dogs and cats - and we lived in Department 23 Creuse right in the middle of France. We hired a large people carrier and drove to Paris where we shipped the animals by cargo on the same flight as us the cost was around 15 euros a kilo for the animals this weight has to include the weight of the pet carrier. Howecver if you have only one cat and one dog and there are two of you travelling you can take the pets as excess baggage, they go in the cargo hold but you dont have the hassle of the cargo drop off and collection - I have done this before and it is very easy. Dont put your animals through the stress of going via Turkey - I would imagine it would be horrendous and you will regret it - I have now shipped my pets 5 times and know how it is!

If I can help you at all please e-mail me - its not that difficult when you know the system

By the way Easy Jet do not take pets which you will find with all budget airlines.

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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

Also need to get a dog and cat there to. Apparantly they can freighted out from turkey?

You and your pets will regret going via this route. The only way you can get from Turkey to Southern Cyprus is from the North and when you get to customs in the south your pets will be rejected and you and your pets will be stranded. Dont take this route. Listen to some of the other peoples advice here and either go via Paris, Frankfurt, England to Larnaca or Paphos...try Easy Jet to Athens and then another airline to Cyprus.

I have no idea how good pet travel is on easy jet and whether they are experienced in this area. I would rather pay the extra charge with an experienced airline and have a sane mind that my pets are safe during travel and arrival.

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Posted by loadsatime-678473 - 9 years ago

We have travelled from France to Cyprus regularly twice a year over the last 8 years and we have found the cheapest way is to fly Ryanair into Uk and get a flight out of Gatwick or Birmingham. However, this often means an over night stop as flights seldon co-incide for the same day. Having said that there are plenty of cheap B+B's...........if you go Larnaca Paris it's VERY expensive and you still have the expenseof TGV to Paris. ......hope this helps

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Posted by thedon29 - 9 years ago

Hi. As me, wife and daughter are going to go to EuroDisney in Paris, one option was to fly with Cyprus Airways direct from Larnaca to Paris, 1200 Euros, dont think so!! So i went to www.skyscanner.com and found return tickets with Lufthansa, Larnaca via Frankfurt (1 hour stop) then on to Paris for 430 Euros for the 3 of us! Beat that Cyprus Airways!!!

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Posted by cosmicpulsar - 9 years ago

You don't exactly say where abouts in France apart from southern but I think you would be advised to get a cheap flt to Luton or Gatwick and then on from there to Paphos or larnica.

Before coming to live here on a permanent basis (2008) we travelled every three months or so from Gibraltar and our best options were from Gibraltar to Luton to Larnica or from Malaga to Gatwick to Paphos or Larnica.

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Posted by whatnext-692955 - 9 years ago

Thanks, will take a look. Also need to get a dog and cat there to. Apparantly they can freighted out from turkey?