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Posted by Cypruswez - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Cypruswez - 9 years ago

I would defend anyones right to hunt legally, regardless of whether I believe it is cruel or adversly affecting wild life.

I watched three hunters yesterday shooting at songbirds for nearly two hours. Not sure how many they hit as they didn't stop to pick up any of their kill.

My point is..a true hunter respects the environment. Hunts only what is legal to hunt, where it is legal to hunt. Does not use illegal aids and does not litter the landscape with cartridge cases, tin cans and litter.

Many years ago I used to shoot. We never left a cartridge case on the ground, or litter. We are only guardians of this planet. We have to hand it on to our children and grandchildren in good condition.

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Posted by northmoorpaul - 9 years ago

Christine - one of the best birds to shot is the Song Thrush (not my opinion). One can buy cartridges specifically designed for killing such birds - called Turdis Cartridges (Turdis being the latin for thrush).

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Posted by ChristineG-661182 - 9 years ago

I totally agree! I live in an non-hunting area, but the hunters stand on the other side of the signs and shoot, which is ok!?! I saw a no hunting sign the other day with around 30 new used shotgun pelletsbelow it. We also had them shooting so close to my friends horses last Sunday that pellets were dropping down on them. Yes we rung the police, who were too busy to come, and the local gamewarden who was off hunting somewhere else!!!!!!!! Shooting starts at 0609 last Sunday so the birds stand no chance and after my dog bringing me a dead song thrush which had been shot yesterday I am totally fed up with it all. Nobody is willing to do anything about the situation because the hunting group is so powerful. Sundays now for me are a nightmare and I just hide in my house all day, ducking with the shots!

Ok Hunt, but thisw have some controls, dont shoot EVERYTHING that moves. And as for shooting songthrushes !!!!!!???????

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Posted by alexgti - 9 years ago


i think its just because they enjoy wasting there shotgun shells and scaring the birds before they even get near them. Also i dont think the law by saying sunset meaning u have to wait till the weather channel tells u full sunset is at a certain time then start shooting, there obviously shooting at birds that are visible to them.

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

I believe the reason they shoot before and after sunset is that it is easy for them just to fire at the tree in the dark while the birds are roosting. But do phone the Game Fund and report them (it is known as the 'Thira' in Greek)

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Posted by Phoebe-685310 - 9 years ago


That's great, thanks for that! I will keep check as they are there everyday!

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Posted by Cypruswez - 9 years ago

The hunting police, or rangers can be contacted on;

Office; Monday to Friday 22351614

Mobile 99628338 (English speaking)

Mobile 99445728

Take a note of car registration numbers if you suspect illegal hunting.

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Posted by Phoebe-685310 - 9 years ago

Love to know the same thing!

We live next to a conservation are where hunting is NOT permitted but they take No notice what so ever.

Does anyone know if they can be reported and who to report them to?