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Immigration administration

Posted by soph-678689 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by loumon - 9 years ago


I am married to a Syrian Man and we are living permantly in Cyprus. After our marraige here we managed to get his full Pink Slip relatively easy, after of course numerous interviews and then many calls to Imigration in Nicosia. I would suggest that if your son in law has completed his interviews and all relevant paper work, then call the imigration offices with his reference number persistantly. We did this and then where told to just call down and collect the papers. (We had been told it would be posted). Having said this we have a daughter residing here with us and I'm told that because of this the procedure was more straight forward.

I too have had emigration call to our home just to make sure we are residing together and we have a child and his name is on her birth certificate!

Best of luck.

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hello Soph,

Administration can be, and often is, frustrating. We moved here 10 years ago this month and the first 18 months was like walking through treacle with various government departments. But thats the way it is and we accepted it as such. As the phrase goes 'when in Rome...'

When Cyprus joined the EU lots of changes came in and made matters worse for the departments that were only just coping even then. The Mail recently had an article on some government departments being overrun with applications and new legislation and they were struggling to cope with the backlog.

As long as your son-in-law has applied for the relevant paperwork (and kept copies as proof) then surely there shouldn't be a problem? Having had three people from immigration come and visit you was obviously a shock, and possibly upsetting too, but at least that means his application has been looked at and, hopefully, papers will be issued shortly.

Here's hoping it will be resolved soon.


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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

I dont know the system exactly, but I do know of someone who had to wait 2-3 years for his pink slip and had one of cyprus's top lawyers on top of this issue. he paid around 7-8000 euros to speed up the waiting time.

In the US you can be waiting for up to 10-12 years to obtain a Green card.

I had to wait almost two years to get my Hellenic citizenship (and I am a greek decendent) which included about 5-6 trips to Greece.

Thus yes, it is very difficult, time consuming and stressfull to obtain a permanent Visa, citizenship, Green card in a foreign country.

Your son in law should get it eventually. i do know for sure that in Cyprus one must not be out of the country for more than 3 months if he is to obtain permanent residency.

Unfortunately no country in Europe will give someone unemployment benefits if they do not qualify for permanent residency or hold the appropriate documents.