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Is eBay useful for residents of Cyprus

Posted by Gray-667268 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by lincolnshire_poacher - 8 years ago

i buy and sell on ebay.

unfortunately the postage is high from cyprus (like everything else on the island at the moment!)

if your selling, its probably best to set a buy it now price that makes you a profit and lower the postage rate

i would also go the post office 1st and check the postage rates.

i've sent items to the uk thats costs me over 60 euro! but i made a good profit on the item so i never charged the buyer the full 60 euro.

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Posted by phileasy69 - 8 years ago

Hi I have had this add in eBay UK for three weeks, lots of people have looked, I have had 3 email but no buyer,I have not given up I know there is a buyer somewhere. If you want to buy goods then try ebay Germany, you will find things a lot cheaper.



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Posted by Graham S - 8 years ago

It's not the fault of Ebay that postage is often high here - by and large eBay sellers charge p&p at cost, so what you pay is what it actually costs to send the item. Many eBay sellers are happy to send to Cyprus, and it's easy enough to check before you bid. Otherwise you could perhaps have the stuff sent to a friend or relative in UK and they could send it on to you.

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Posted by tonypp - 8 years ago

Some uk companies will not send to cyprus so that can be frustrating. I also buy from private sellers, they often say in their advert that they do not post abroad but if asked in a friendly email, most are happy to send . Postage can be expensive from some companies but scroll down the lists and you will likely find somebody who will offer a reasonable rate.

Even with postage I find I can buy things like mobiles , small batteries, tools and general household items at a better price than in the stores here.

Have fun

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Posted by cyprustk - 8 years ago

If you do a good search on ebay you can search on things that are available to be delivered in Cyprus with cheap postage or even free. That all depends on how you search. Unfortunately play does not ship all items to Cyprus compared to ebay, that you can find almost everything.

If you need help let me know. I have bought a lot of stuff that were delivered here with free delivery.

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Posted by jmwads - 8 years ago

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Try play.com as no delivery charges

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Posted by jmwads - 8 years ago

Postage really expensive to have sent here and some items wont even delivery to Cyprus.