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life nowdays in cyprus

Posted by ginanjohn - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Wingnut-669538 - 9 years ago


what town are you going to live in


what are you planning to do for work ? this can make or break you here.

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Posted by ginanjohn - 9 years ago

hi achilleas

thanks for replying. THANK GOD cyprus is not like uk with sun that's the last thing i would want we would not like to move all that way only to find the same ways and British culture there. we plan and want to get involved and live in the cypriot way of life as much as possible interacting with locals and leaning to speak greek is going to be a big priority for us. we are renting a apartment at present in a block with both brit,s and cypriots we would only consider a buy when and only when we both feel we are well and truly settled

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Posted by Andyp-695384 - 9 years ago

Hope you have title for the apartment sorted out otherwise you are potentially in the same trap as the other 30,000 + "owners".

Otherwise Cyprus for me

P.S.Learn the lingo.

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hi Ginanjohn,

We've been here now for 10 years and from our experience the first 12 months can be the hardest no matter how much planning you've done something will come along, usually an unexpected bill, and make your heart miss a few beats. If you've done your research and you're prepared to adapt to the Cypriot lifestyle you'll be fine.

As has been said Cyprus isn't the UK with lots of sunshine. Cyprus does have its downsides but are far out weighed by the good points. If you've been to Cyprus and spent time here you'll know to live here is different than a two week holiday here. To enjoy life on the island you must integrate and learn Greek, it was the best thing we ever did.

I have to travel around Europe a great deal for work but because we are settled and have many Cypriot friends, my wife is more than happy to be on her own here for several days, knowing our many friends are only a short distance/phone call away. I doubt that can be said for where we used to live in the UK.

Would we return to the UK to live... let me consider my answer for a milisecond ... No No No! We have everything we need here and we're much more relaxed than we ever were in the UK.

My mantra posted several times on this site: Make sure you've done your reaseach and asked lots of questions, then do some more research and ask more questions.


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Posted by loadsatime-678473 - 9 years ago


most forgot drive like your blind ,have mobile superglued to ear ,make sure you can lite fag talk in moile honk at your freinds (thats everboby known on island) all at same time that is ex-pats and rest of world here but its a great place ,good luck

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Posted by Wingnut-669538 - 9 years ago

1) Learn Greek.

2) Assimilate into, adapt and respect the local culture . Just like the Greek Cypriots did when they went to live in the UK. And don't moan about 'the Cypriots' as if they are a strange species. They own this island, remember.

3) If you want to work, make sure you have some kind of qualifications or you are proficient in something. Go to Limassol (if you don't speak Greek) or Nicosia (only if you can speak Greek). Forget Paphos and forget the east side of the island. Lower your expectations and take whatever you can get to start with, and soon you will see more and more opportunities opening up. Ideally try and get into one of the offshore companies in Limassol. They are usually excellent employers.

3) Rent for a year or two before you buy. If you buy, make sure you have a clean title deed that can immediately be transferred TO YOUR NAME ! Do not ever buy anything you cannot put your name on.

4) Learn Greek.

5) If you have property in the UK, don't sell it. Find a good letting agent and rent it out. You might need an escape hatch if all goes pear-shaped.

6) Enjoy. Cyprus is great. The whingers, moaners and failures will all say otherwise, but if you are mature and reasonable and accept that people and places are different, it's a great life.

7) Oh yeah - and learn Greek. Did I say that ?

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Posted by ChristineG-661182 - 9 years ago


A few things come to mind re your e mail.

Be aware food prices here are ridiculous nowadays - much higher than UK. You will need to shop around to get best deals. You can live quite reasonably if you live simply.

Try to integrate with the locals not just ex-pats and you will enjoy more. Also if you can learn Greek, (even a little) it really does help.

You will have to learn to slow down - pace of live much slower than UK - this was probably the biggest thing I had to cope with when we arrived. Things you think should be done in a day, may take a week, tradesmen who say they will turn up on a Monday, dont turn up till a fortnight Monday, but dont see it as a problem when you complain! And governement departments - if you have to deal with them - don't hold your breath - they are VERY slow - red tape here is a biggie plus doing work between having their coffee and ciggie breaks is hard!

If you are going to buy property then rent for a while to find out the pitfalls, plus if it really is for you, plus where best to buy.

If you are an animal lover be prepared to get upset by what you will see with regards to strays and the treatment of animals. This is obviously a generalisation and there are exceptions of course.

This above is all negative but there are many positives including the sunshine, fresh fruit and veg that actually tastes as it should, the people are in general fantastic, crime rate very low, and after being here for 4 years it is home, we would never go back to the UK.

Good luck and hope this helps

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

Remember the following things in my opinion;
Don't think of Cyprus as the UK with sun - it isn't
Interact with your local community - there is more to Cyprus than just the ex-patsLearn Greek - it will make you life here much betterIt's not paradise, but then no where isIf you are looking to work, then coastal towns that rely on tourism, hardest hit by recession, are not going to give good wagesRent for a while here before you buy and commit youself