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Mail from Britain

Posted by Argaka321 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Cat Lady - 9 years ago

Oh Kukoo, you have given me hope! I too am still waiting for Christmas and Birthday (Jan 1st) cards which I know were sent. Also in February my daughter in Devon posted me 6 small packages, 5 of which arrived in 1 week but still waiting for 6th which, unfortunately, has my toothbrush charger in it! Some months ago my other daughter sent me an urgent letter by special delivery which cost her £5. When I eventually received it the Paphos date stamp proved it had been here somewhere for over 2 weeks. I live in Kato Paphos and enquired at our post office but 'nothing to do with them, go to main office' I went to main office and saw the postmaster only to be told the problem lies with our post office as it wouldn't have gone to main office.

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

I agree with Andrew.

I've lived here for 21 years. Always sending things, often cash - and my relatives in Scotyland sending to me. And now, ordering a lot over the Internet.

Never once has anything gone missing or been delayed.

By the way, we have our own PO box,

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Posted by EleniLimassol - 9 years ago

Why don't you visit your local post office ? If I am waiting for anything particular I just go to my village post office, as do many people.
Also I do not think that anybody would take money from post here. And it is a bit silly to send money through the mail.
Also you could ask your post man for his number and tell him you are expecting mail. That is what we do.
I hope you soon receive your post.
Happy Easter to you all

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Posted by Argaka321 - 9 years ago

Mail to & from Britain is an interesting subject. A parcel posted here Monday last week was delivered in England Friday.

I understand (but, being Cyprus, it may just be a rumour) that all mail between EU countries transits Brussels, so BA strikes would not affect this. Can anyone confirm ?

Being cynical, I get the feeling that if the local post office realised how many Brits lived hereabouts they would close on British public holidays also !

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

Seems to be OK here in Nicosia - received post from the UK and parcels from the USA on a weekly basis, and I'm not even in the centre of town.

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 9 years ago

I seem to be getting mail as normal in Moni near Limassol, including parcels. Delivery from Amazon took only 3 days to come here a week ago (from germany I will admit). Letters from UK seem to be taking the normal time period. Birthday cards arrived for my Birthday on Thursday, including a package posted only the previous Friday (so it took less than a week from London). Our local Postie usually delivers Wednesday and Saturday but he delivered this week on Wednesday and THURSDAY (yes, the holiday day) - though I don't expect any more post now until next Wednesday at least and more than likely next saturday. I have never really had any problems at all with our local postal service here - and the local postie always tries to make sure deliveries are made around holiday periods as best he can - after all, he does have to fit his postal deliveries in with his full time job!!!!!! No, I will not criticise our local postal service at all. My conclusion is that local problems encountered here are more than likely caused by your local postie and/or your local office. Sorry guys, but I will give praise to the postal system here, nothing but praise.

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Posted by kukoo - 9 years ago

you lot sound lucky to me, i recieved a letter from my sister last monday, which she posted 3 weeks before christmas, it had been opened, and the letter inside the xmas card was missing...paphos area, their is no laws it seams with the postal service.

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Posted by enigmablinds - 9 years ago


Have also been waiting for mail for some time in Paphos. Mind you received a letter on Thursday just gone and the UK postmark was dated 6th March so must be delays somewhere along the line.


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Posted by sandyt-694282 - 9 years ago

Hi i live in Larnaca we haven't had any post either, i am still waiting for b/day & anniversary cards to arrive, which i know were posted, we did receive a small parcel this week though, it is strange thoughbut the cards would have been posted before british airways strike

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Posted by sianhennessy - 9 years ago

I have also been waiting on mail, 2 parcels posted on the 13th March from UK, and still nothing.... And now I'm guessing the very earliest will be Wednesday??