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Mainland Europe to Cyprus via Ferry?

Posted by patcon - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by baxi-666881 - 9 years ago

it is true , there is all kinds of hassles driving a vehicle to cyprus . ( depending on which route one takes . ) .police , customs , thieves , bandits ,not to mention ins , vinettes , vehicle condition - break downs ect . as well as the cost of fuel , ferry , toll,s ect . serbia can charge 130 euro,s for insurance , just for one days travel because they are not in the eec . bulgaria - fines on the spot for police , customs officers wanting cigs , tab , at the border .then if one does manage to get to cyprus , there are rules & regulations for the north and a different set for the south . some people are lucky , some are not . unless it is a holiday trip , best to spend the £ 1000 shipping the motor . ? .

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hello Harryok,

Bill & Eva and Graham have summed up your question regards bringing your car via Turkey perfectly.

To the original poster, Patcon, how are your plans coming together?


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Posted by Graham S - 9 years ago

There's no "may well " about it - the vehicle will be regarded as contraband and be confiscated at the Green Line, and the owner will be liable to very expensive legal proceedings which could well result in criminal charges and being refused entry to the RoC - possibly on a permanent basis. Don't even consider it , not even for a wild moment! Of course, if you intend to settle in the illegally occupied north this may be of no significance to you.

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Posted by bill&eva - 9 years ago

Ferry from Turkey???

If you intend keeping the car in Cyprus and are going to register it here you may well experience huge problems as the vehicle will have entered Cyprus via a illegal port .


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Posted by harryok - 9 years ago

Hi,My partner and i are intending to drive to cyprus in june 2010.Why is everyone avoiding taking the ferry from turkey? We will be staying permanently in pathos so will bringing our 4x4 veichle give us hassles.Your advice would be gratefully received.Regards Harry.

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Posted by Hawkeye-692705 - 9 years ago

My son brought his car over to Cyprus two years ago with Grimaldi and he was alone and loved the experience. Drove to Italy, joined the boat at Salerno then went on to visit Piraeus, Alexandria (Egypt) Izmir (Turkey) before finally arriving in Limassol. Advise your relative have a good supply of books to read...

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Posted by No longer Online - 9 years ago

I spent 6 weeks travelling down through Europe to Cyprus two years ago. A wonderful journey and adventure. However, getting from mainland to Cyprus is not that easy. I took a ferry from Bari in Italy to Patras in Greece. Drove around the Pelopenese to Athens over a few days ( it can be done in about three or four hours) and then put the car on a roro from Piraeus to Cyprus. These are very rudimentary ships designed for freight traffic and provide very basic bunk accommodation for lorry drivers. Having loaded the car on, we flew from Athens and met the car at the Limassol docks three days later. Salamis shipping, (all the details are on the web) are the only providers of this service as far as I know. There was a lot of conflicting advice about taking it to customs in Piraeus to embark but in truth no one wanted to know. Salamis will tell you which dock in Piraeus it is sailing from and I suggest you just drive up to the ship and the foreman will look after the customs etc for you there and then. At this side, I suggest you go into the customs office and ask around for an agent. They will ensure your car is offloaded as a priority and help you through the process all for about 100 euro. Well worth it. You may find the bureaucracy involved a little tedious,(understatement) but smile, be patient and enjoy the whole thing. If the car is staying in Cyprus, a whole can of worms is about to be experienced by the hapless owner but that is another story. If it is just visiting, not so much of a problem. There are numerous accounts on this forum of the difficulties and costs involved in obtaining duty free status if eligible and then the registration process for cars imported. It has improved considerably over the years. Had I not wanted to do the European drive I would never have considered importing my car here as the costs of vehicles has reduced and whilst they are dearer than the UK, the reduction of hassle involved must make them a better bet. My opinion. Hope this is of some help.

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Posted by misty-693100 - 9 years ago

hi having seen your recommendation i contacted grimaldi as we hope to relocate to cyprus in sept they told me that they are unable to help as they dont deal with individuals ? as we are currently in portsmouth the southampton to limassol route would have been ideal.

do you have any more info other than the web site you have already posted.

many thanks


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Posted by paul 008 - 9 years ago

Hi There

Grimaldi is the only option if you want to travel with the car. You can pick it up at the heel of Italy (Bari). But you will have to contact them and make sure you can get on. You cant just turn up and go.

Are you aware of the import tax duties.



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Posted by Toni-680775 - 9 years ago

I am not aware of a ferry running to Cyprus at moment. However we came by Grimaldi Lines from Southampton to Limassol with our cars packed to the hilts, and some folk joined us at Salerno. It is a car transporter. Basic accommodation but quite an adventure which I would recommend. The boat stops at several places on the journey and passengers ( there were 6 of us ) have the opportunity to get off and see the ports. Website www.grimaldi.co.ukHave a good trip