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Marks and Spencers prices

Posted by shopaholic-670119 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by pav - 9 years ago
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Posted by dave giddy - 9 years ago

I agree 100% with you.After we returned from the uk in December we confirmed what we had always suspected that m&s here are a complete rip off.....as you point out even tearing off the pre printed labels which show a euro price for the Irish and French markets.I was so angry that I e-mailed m&s in the uk and the answer I got was that here is a franchise and they have no control over the pricing policy.The only time we would buy anything here from m&s here is at sale time when some prices come to reasonable levels

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Posted by cojack - 9 years ago

My wife saw a coat she liked in M@S Nicosia, but didnt like the price of 105 Euro, so she went on the web and had her friend to buy it and with the postage it cost £64, now thats a rip off.

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Posted by tikka-664777 - 9 years ago

Hi Helen

I doubt it will do much good as I had a friend who did this, I think it was with bio-sculpture, as she was paying well over the odds for her business materials. The responce was something along the lines of it being a franchise here in Cyprus, & therefore the people who had bought it had the right to charge what they thought appropriate.

But I would be very interested to know what their reply is!

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Posted by Helen Lamb - 9 years ago

I bought a dress in Debenhams Limassol for 94.00 euros(It was in the Blue Cross Sale) and found it for 23.00 euros on the uk website. What a rip off! Never again! I have contacted UK head office to make them aware of this. I suppose the more people that contact them the better. It beats doing nothing! After all its their good name thats going down the pan.


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Posted by bill&eva - 9 years ago

Whether you all think the quality of M&S is good or not I do buy my jeans, teashirts. jumpers and underwear from them and I'm happy with the quality.

I've been in the M&S store in larnaca a couple of times but didn't buy anything as the prices were way over the top and the choice was very limited.

I now wait til one of my sons is about to make a holiday visit and get them to buy what I want from M&S in the UK and bring it with them .

Making my choice is very easy as M&S have a very good easy to use web site ~~~ I email the links to the items I want and the children bring them over ~ I wouldn't dream of paying the inflated prices found in the various M&S stores in Cyprus.

I can even take advantage of the sales if the item I want is not urgently required.


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Posted by waterbird-694193 - 9 years ago

M&S, Peacocks, Debs outlets in Cyprus do not pay the FULL UK retail price for goods they sell. When an item displays the sterling price this includes all taxes, overheads and profit margin in the UK, would be interesting to find out the average nett profit on clothes sold in M&S Cyprus.
The mind set of some retailers in Cyprus 'less footfall = less profit...lets put the prices up' has to be detrimental to business. Do they not realise people will go elsewhere to spend their cash if they feel they are being ripped off?
Afraid greed will see the demise of some retailers in Cyprus over the next 12 months unless they take a good hard look at the inflated prices they charge.

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

I bought a nice diary from play.com - Moleskin make - large format. Around 7 euros no charge for post.

I saw one the same make and colour in Public last week. Half the size of mine. 23 euros!!!!! And usually diares are discounted in January.

There is no excuse for these ridiculous prices.

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Posted by shopaholic-670119 - 9 years ago

Yes Tikka, I tend to agree with you. You have probably hit the nail on the head!
Must admit that I also still calculate in my head how much an item would be in CY pounds equivalent. ( Been in Cyprus too long I guess.)So will take a while longer to get out of this habit.

I have been very interested to read everyones responses to my first posting. Thanks everyone for your input.

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Posted by tikka-664777 - 9 years ago

Could it be that the majority of businesses here in Cyprus do still initially think in Cyprus pounds??? I may be well off the mark here, but I have noted that many people still talk in Cyprus pounds, & if you check your bank statements & local bills all show the amount in euros & cyprus pounds, even though the cyp pound no longer exsists. They prefer to show this as then 'it doesn't seem as much'!

When Cyprus changed to the euro on 01.01.2008, prices in shops such as M&S increased drastically as all the cyp price tags were almost doubled, dispite the euro being almost equal to the pound sterling. Their calculations being based on the government exchange rate of 1cyp pd = 1.71 euros. 2 years on I am under the impression many shops are still calculating first into the old Cyprus pound as was & still give no consideration to the actual exchange rate of the sterling pound to the euro. They prefer using the 2008 government exchange of cyp1 = euro1.71 to calculate their 2009/10 price tags. EG before the euro there was approx. a 15-20% mark-up on each item, so an item showing 20.00 pound sterling was approx. 22.00 cypriot pds. Now 2009 do the same again but multiply that 22.00 cypriot pds by 1.71 euros. The result is in 2009/10 a 20.00 pound sterling item now has a price tag of 37.62 euros, rounded up to 38.00 euros here in Cyprus.

They need to get real & base their calculations on current day exchange rates. I do expect to pay more for an item from a UK or any other foriegn company based here in Cyprus, but do not expect to be treated as a fool. I have to say I am surprised it has taken so long for people to notice this. In the last 2 years I have bought the majority of my goods either online or by going abroad to shop & will continue to do so until the prices in the shops reflect current trends & peoples earnings here. Even in the sales you dont get a bargain, you just end up paying what should be the normal asking price.

As I said I could be well off the mark here, but I do feel that the exchange rate of cyp pd1 = euro 1.71 does have something to do with all this.