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Moving to Cyprus.

Posted by Shazza52 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by gerih - 9 years ago

hi shazza, we sent 32 large boxes out last may, we used a company in the uk called EVL who were brilliant, the was £988.00 +£80.00 for insurance.good luck


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Posted by Shazza52 - 9 years ago

Thanks to everyone who replied to my question. The goods we want to bring will fit into one room, so its a good idea to know roughly about the costs. Well worth bringing our stuff with us. Once again. Thanks. Shaz

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Posted by PEDS111 - 9 years ago

Agreed,I didnt order a fridge,already brought mine over 3 yrs ago,it works fine but it is a Samsung which they do sell a lot of out here.

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

The electrical equipment you need to be careful about bringing over are fridges and freezers, new or otherwise. Most of those sold in the UK will not work too well here as they aren't designed to cope with the climate. It could be very expensive in the long run.


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Posted by PEDS111 - 9 years ago

Hi I have just ordered a kitchen and all appliances from UK,range cooker,dishwasher etc..... 4 cubic metres 400 euros,from cyprus global logistics.Bring all your electrical goods,the cheapest dishwasher i found over here was 450 euros in uk for a smeg one 239.

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Posted by SouniHarts - 9 years ago

Hi,It is by volume. We collected all the stuff we wanted to take into one room and got several quotes. the highest was £1500. We went with one for £800. (part load) we brought 34 boxes of varying sizes: clothes, books, toys, keyboard, other junk we will probably never need. it all arrived yesterday! (it left Derby on the 18th jan) Stuff is expensive here so it's worth doing your homework about things you might need (esp electricals)
Good luck with your move!

ps. bring extra passport pics for your residency visas - so much easier to get done in the UK!!

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Posted by alby-664765 - 9 years ago

Normally by cubic metre.