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New IPhone 4

Posted by suzana p - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

The iPhone 4 will be available in Europe from June 25 they have announced.

The real price of an iPhone without a contract in Europe is between 550 and 600 Euros - in Greece they sell for 565 Euros.

The phones become cheaper when you take a contract out with a mobile carrier - they subsidise it against the revenue they will get from the contract.

If you manage to get one that is on contract then to work in Cyprus you have to basically hack it with various solutions available.

- if you do this and then try and do an update then it will lock (it knows it has been hacked) and you will have a very expensive brick in your hand as a friend of mine has at the moment because they didn't listen and bought one from the USA.

Prisma Computer, authorised Apple reseller, was looking to bring the 3GS for 595 Euros - maybe they wlll have the iPhone 4 too???

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Posted by johnbeeks - 9 years ago

I doubt the I-phone 4 will be available in Europe until much later. They do sell the 3G here for around Euro 750. A ridiculous amount, but we are in Cyprus and have the luxury of paying nearly double for everything! Or you could take your chances on one of the dodgy dealers on this site. I'm going to thwe US in July so hopefully I might be able to pick up one there. Even buying one in the US is tricky since you have to sell your soul to AT&T to get one.