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Occasional internet access in Cyprus

Posted by Anna Economides - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by cyprustk - 9 years ago

you do not need to have a 6 months subscription. If you just have a modem on your pc you can go online with Cyta or Primetel dial up without paying subscription and only pay the rate per hour that you are online. I think is about 4-5 cents a minute, without subscription fees and you can access whenever you want.


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Posted by Anna Economides - 9 years ago

Wow, Cyta never told me they have a 6 month a year holiday home facility. Must look into that. Thanks. Anna

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Posted by topcat007 - 9 years ago

Hi Anna

what area of cyprus will you be staying in?? If you give me you email address (or send me an email via the email facility)...I may have a solution for you

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

If you only need short or intermittent connectivity, then maybe a Cyta line with the 6-months a year holiday home disconnect facility, then dial-up internet.

You could always use a pop server to download emails, read them and compose replies offline, then just reconnect to send them, reducing the time you need online. How much surfing would you want to do?

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 9 years ago

How would you do it elsewhere in other countries?? I have the same problem when I visit the UK for holidays - though there I suppose one can buy (as here) a 3g dongle for the laptop if your reception in your cyprus is in a decent reception area. Still, wherever you are, short term access is usually expensive.

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Posted by Anna Economides - 9 years ago

Thanks. But I would like to have internet access at home, where I have a desktop and printer. Any further ideas?Anna

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Posted by clipper lou - 9 years ago

Most bars and cafes now appear to offer wi-fi access, so we usually pop in for a drink/coffee and take our laptop with us - dont know if this helps?