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Post Office Slow Lately (Limassol)

Posted by Devonite-692897 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by jackofspades - 6 years ago

Unbelievable as it might seem, now postal office are open until 17.00 !!!!!


For packages, customs , until 14.30 !!


Cyprus "siesta" mentality is crumbling!

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Posted by michalg - 8 years ago

Yes, post in Cyprus is terrible.
Here is a link where you can track the parcels: http://ips.cypruspost.gov.cy/ipswebtrack/

I had several instances where I knew exactly when the parcel arrived in Limassol, and yet I got no notification from them. When I went to the post office, I always got the same answer: nothing here, you need the tracking no. The tracking no I had was international (duh) and they wanted some internal tracking no. How should I know that??? All this time I could see my parcel on their shelf (it has a distinct packaging). Days on row, the parcel just sat there.
Idiotic, after getting the internal tracking no from the main post office (I called!!!) and picking up my parcel, I got the green flier in my mail box.
The same thing repeats each time, at various post offices (I changed my address a few times).
If I would not pursue it, I wouldn't get my package.

Phone no of the main post office in Limassol: 25802260.
Call, present your tracking No and ask for the internal one (5 digits).

Another thing: when I ordered from US, the post man was drunk. He opened my package, ignored what was written on it (present), ignored the value on the package and charged me an amount that was not mathematically correct! I payed and then consulted with someone else. The numbers were wrong so I went back and got the difference.

I don't know why is it this way: incompetency at its highest!

If you have more stories, put them here. I want to know what else I can expect from them.
But more importantly, what can we do in such instances? Where the complaints should go?

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Posted by JJMally-687816 - 8 years ago

We live in Erimi just outside Limassol.
Its very rare for us to get mail every week.
We think our postman keeps letters in his room and waits till there are plenty to deliver.
I know mail from the UK is very slow on getting here.
If you have anything urgent, send it by TNT, DHL, UPS or some oher courier service.

We received a letter from the UK that was posted on the 5th September and only received it last friday (October 8th.)
to put up with when living in Cyprus......

This is something we have

we also have had problems in getting our UK Cheque Books and Bank Cards to be delivered to our address. When I went back to the UK 10 days ago, I went to my Bank, they checked, went out the back of where the `Tellers` are and bought round a pouch with my details on them.
When they opened it up there were the 4 paying-in-books I ordered over the past 7 mths which my tenant needed in the UK to pay our rent on our house into our bank account, plus also 3 cheque books that I ordered over the past 4 mths.
The books were in a pouch which had the Cyprus Postal Services Details on it, and inside was a letter in English, saying that our address where we live was a Security Risk.
Never had this problem before with this address.
I know here in Cyprus it is illegal to for Banks to post cheque books and bank cards, but we have alays had our UK bank books and cards sent out here.

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Posted by michau - 8 years ago

Yes i agree , it s island wide the delay. I am in larnaca and it s been years now with a great delay of parcels and post up to 6 weeks and even 8 weeks it s amazing. Some things that are not delivered I tell the seller and he sends again and then the second parcel arrives and the first I get it even 4 weeks later , it s just crazy!

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Posted by Mystic - 8 years ago

Yes, I'm in the Limassol tourist area and post has gone quite slow. Probably to do with staff taking the annual August holidays and a back-log mounting. I also received a letter from Nicosia to Limassol which took 9 days to deliver. Incredible really, but I think they will sort themselves out soon, this happens quite a lot, then suddenly you get a load of stuff coming day after day, so don't worry, I think your stuff will come through either this or next week. The delays are probably not just in Limassol, but island-wide.

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Posted by pkb1 - 8 years ago

i am still waiting for a package sent on 27th July!......it was for a birthday in August!

i also recieved a letter from Nicosia [ to Paphos] that took 9 days from the stamp on the envelope......whats going on!???

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Posted by bizkit-665223 - 8 years ago

yes :( i have 5 things ordered on 23 and still not received them... actually i saw one time that my item was here on 15th and a get the paper to go to pick it up on 21 and what the hell they where doing in these 6 days nobody knows...