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Postal Service

Posted by DAVE AND SHEILA - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Cyp08 - 9 years ago

My son ordered 2 Landrover remote control shells 7 weeks ago, and he still hasn`t got them. He has traced the person who sent them and he sent them through the post, and he has sent him a copy of the proof of posting.

Podt is always bad at xmas out here. Xmas 2008 he ordered something and didn`t receive it till the end of January, but the post office receipt from Limassol was dated 19/12/2008. So it took them 4 weeks to deliver the slip to us. Utterly disgusting service. The box was also sent Registered Post from the UK.

So if you wan anything from abroad near to Xmas, it maybe be best to order as far back as September.
This year I am going shopping in the UK mid september and having it shipped out in someone elses container.

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Posted by kittyliz - 9 years ago

I've had no problems,but am told that the post at the UK end is very unreliable.

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Posted by 5vrgs - 9 years ago

We received parcels from the UK over Christmas and they arrived within days of bbeing posted, despite UK postal issues.

You might try popping into your local PO to check if they are there and the notification hasn't reached you.

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Posted by Graham S - 9 years ago

We received some post yesterday that's been on the way for a couple of weeks, and a parcel I know was posted on Dec 7 has yet to arrive - hang loose, it'll turn up!

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Posted by doodlepoodle - 9 years ago

Hi Sheila

I have just picked up parcels today some were posted just over a week ago, another 2 weeks ago and one arrived that was posted the end of November! I wouldn't worry as it is Christmas post, give it another week and then look into claiming. It is worrying though.

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Posted by Mystic - 9 years ago

Hi Sheila

I would give it plenty more time if I were you. I had the same last year, with parcels and cards, most arrived in bulk around end of January. From the stamped markings on the items I could see that they hadn't left the UK until 3 days before I received them. I see you state that yours have left the UK, in which case I would give them another week. I have this problem often, but they always turn up in the end.