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Problems with Cyta

Posted by willipup - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

We use Cyta landline mobile and Broadband services for work and at home. No complaints at all. Good, reliable connections (which we need at all times). Fast upload/download times, no dropout, no buffering. Excellent customer service. Rapid too. A friend applied for a new Cyta landline and Broadband. Was connected in less than 12 hours - outside any main city. And no, neither we nor they have any connections to Cyta.

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Posted by cyprustk - 9 years ago

The cut offs on Cyta mobile are common on MTN also. But the packages that MTN offers are way better than Cyta ones.

Imagine Cyta gives you only I think 30 txts free on your contract and MTN starts from 350 txts free plus minutes.

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Posted by willipup - 9 years ago

I've heard that cablenet is much better too, plus for wireless it'll still be cheaper than cyta and much faster - hence why I'm going today.

I just don't know what to do about my mobile as I've heard MTN have some problems but surely they can't be as bad as cyta??

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Posted by cyprustk - 9 years ago

I have had cyta internet for a couple of years. I switched to cablenet for 5Mbps and I am more than satisfied and is half the money I paid at Cyta for the speed (1Mbps).

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Posted by tom brown - 9 years ago

CYTANET drops out regularly I often have to reconnect. In my opinion the service is slow and costs 4 x UK prices but that's rip off CYPRUS for you!