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Question for people living in Cyprus &gt1;10 years

Posted by Devonite-692897 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by brownie-682286 - 8 years ago

Been livin here 10 years,i dont think its got hotter,but the humidity has go higher,im know some of this is to do with the swimming pools.

My first five years i feel was hotter,easters were more in the 80,s, and now spring seems cooler.I think people forget that humidty makes it feel much warmer.

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Posted by emilyrose-705919 - 8 years ago

Been here ten years and yes it does seem to have been really hot this summer with a lot of cloud cover in August. Humidity was intense this year about 94% some days. It did rain but just drizzly down here in Paphos but there were some thunderstorms up in the mountains. The dust clouds were more frequent as well this year. Overall the weather did seem a bit stranger this year but nothing to write home about. Patricia

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Posted by pdobbo - 8 years ago

I have to echo Spanners comments, I didn't have a/c for years, managed with fans, but I think I can't cope with the heat as well as I used to rather than it getting hotter.

I do think it is getting windier during the Summer months. In a recent article in the Cyprus Mail about the new wind farm, a comment was made that "Cyprus doesn't get much wind", I never fell off my chair laughing, I get mega dust storms whipping up around my house nearly every afternoon (West Limassol). Friends in Pissouri say they can't eat outdoors some days because of the wind (not much fun chasing your salad and bread all over the garden!).

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Posted by Spanner-666908 - 8 years ago

I remember that day, I was actually sitting on a verandah in Nicosia watching the funeral procession. It does feel hotter now than it did 35 years ago, but I put it down to becoming less tolerant to the heat due to old age. I didn't have AC for the first 12 years I was here and the temperatures were often up in the 40's in July and August,. Now when it is above 30 I contribute to global warming!

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Posted by pdobbo - 8 years ago

Forgot to add, the rain that day in Nicosia was thought to be the first since records had begun, but rain on the the coast had been experienced before.

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Posted by pdobbo - 8 years ago

I recall that we seem to get at least one rainfall during the Summer months.

My first Summer here was 1977, and it rained the day Archbishop Makarios was buried (he had died 3rd August), everyone said it was an omen, but since then there have been many times that we have had rain in July or August. That day, it rained in Nicosia, the mountains, and in Limassol.

It tends to be an isolated cloudburst, but I always remember that first year, because the rain falling years later proved to me that it wasn't an "omen" ie, it occurs quite frequently. Sometimes it is during the night, and you just see the dust spots on your car the next morning.

To me, it is not an unusual occurence, but I wouldn't say it happens in Limassol every year. I am fairly sure it rained in West Limassol during the night late this July.

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

Lived here 20 years. Never saw rain at the coast that I can remember in July/Aug, apart from a few years ago when it rained when we were in the sea.

Yes, it definitely seems to get hotter each year. For example, after living in this spot since 1994, we installed a/c in the living room.

The biggest change was the incessant dust, You would only get that on about two days per year before.

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Posted by bubblemaker;oP - 9 years ago


I remember it always being hot, but not as hot as it is now, and certainly not as humid. Now, it gets hotter earlier in the year, but we also have really odd weather (like rain ) in the summer months. We did always use to get the Sahara sands after a bad windstorm, but the high winds tend to be more frequent just recently.

I live in a small village not far from the coast, and I can see the changes. Lived in Cy since 1988, leaving only for a few years for studies & work. I am back now, and it's definately hotter (or maybe I am just getting older & less tolerant?)

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Posted by VinnyC-673555 - 9 years ago

Rained like crazy in July 6 years ago, we followed the cloud from limassol to Nicosia, bit of freak weather but we were going to the Nicosia home exhibition anyway.
People in the Woodstock Pub all went outside and just stood in the rain and drank their beer,
It was crazy.